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Double Wrap Short-Row Heel on a Loom: Part II

Double Wrap Short-Row Heel on a Loom: Part I

A long overdue video: Short-row Heel on a Loom: Part I. There is a second part to this video that I am still putting together, I am hoping to have it finished by tomorrow evening or the latest Sunday.

Questions/comments/concerns/hate mail* put in the comments please :)

Note: This video demonstrates one method of doing short-row heels, there are others but we won't get to them today...nor tomorrow, lol.

Need your help: I am currently shopping for a different video hosting service. If you know of a good one that provides good quality video broadcast inexpensively, drop me a comment with the name of the company.

Photo and video editing at

*(I have had a couple of people complain about my voice and my accent(s)...silly!)

EDIT: Here is the video again with the new video provider...let me know which one you like better.


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Kimberli New York

Yippee! After all this time reading your blog I've just been gifted a set of circular looms. I'll be spending time reading everything again! Thanks!!! Yippee!!


Isela, i'm very very sorry. I guess i'm one of the guilty ones when I said your voice was more clearer with the new one must be the way it's coming out on my computer speakers. your accent is beautiful. my husband and I took the kids to disney land ways back and we met a man from england. and I told him I like his accent and he told me he liked mine and we all had a good laugh. again I feel really bad and really sorry so for now on i'll shut up. lol.


I think your accent is just beautiful! And your videos have always been a great source of help to me. And I am glad to see that I understood written directions and have done short rows correctly all this time! My heels usually look good, but it is nice to have the validation :)

By the way, I think I like the second video host better.


I just wanted to thank you for this site. I'm very new to loom knitting and your Web site and tutorials are excellent and have been very helpful. Keep up the great work!


I was surprised to now see a short row heel video, but happy I've been doing it right over the past 2 years! ;) Hopefully, there are people out there looming their first pair of socks everyday. So, it's never too late! :)
I can't believe anyone would complain about your voice or accent! That's half the reason I watch your!


I am just appalled someone would have the nerve to criticize your voice and your accent when you have been such a great inspiration and help to the looming community! Like you can change your voice! How dumb! I begged my hubby to get us on broadband just so I could watch your videos. I am a visual learner and watching someone doing it is sometimes the only way.


I love your videos.It does make me want to attempt to make a sock. they seem very complicated so I stay away. but with the help you are giving, I just may have to jump in. But I hate to bother people with questions, but..that is how we learn. okay. short rows. I have done this on the pinwheel dish cloth but I don't understand what a short row is? what does it do? I know it's not all the stitches but I can't understand the mechanics.. does it make a decrease? is it like a decrease?
And I sure understand the condensing one blog. I exercise also and have a looming blog so, putting them together helps those of us that do both every day also keep up with it.


Very nice Isela! I love your video tutorials! When I started out looming and found the KK instructions a bit lacking, your videos were there to help me on my loom knitting journey. You are amazing!

By the way, I think your voice and accent are perfect! ;) Thanks for all that you do for loom knitting <3

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