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Loom Knitting DVD

Girl2 It is finally coming up! Loom Knitting with the Sprite I.
I have a Database over on the DA Yahoo group where I am collecting names for the first round of DVDs but I have found out that there are a few people stopping by my blog to put down their name. Since I don't know of an easier way, just drop your name in the comments section, be sure to enter your email address in the box (don't worry, no one else can see it). I need a basic number so I can prepare the first batch of DVDs and have enough to go around.

Tentative Contents of Loom Knitting with the Sprite: Just The Basics

E-wrap Cast On
Long Tail Cast On
Crochet Cast On
Cable Cast On
YO Cast On
E-wrap Stitch
Double Stitch (variation of e-wrap)
Braid Stitch (variation of e-wrap)
Knit Stitch
Flat Stitch
Purl Stitch
Ribbing (2x2)
Garter Stitch
Garter Stitch Tip (when working with e-wrap)
Flat Panel Knitting All Pegs
Flat Panel Slipping the First Peg
Basic Bind Off (open removal)
Single Crochet Bind Off
Gather Removal Method
Creating a Brim

They will all be exactly like the Free ones that are currently available on my blog and through the DA site. Don't worry, after the DVD goes on sale, the Free Videos will still be available for your to view online.

Thanks and if you can think of anything that goes in the Basics section, drop me a note in the comments too.


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i'm new at making socks i have the fine loom that has 64 pegs i'm trying the toe up socks.i am using baby fingerling yarn i don't have sock yarn so i'm just using what i have not sure if this will work or not. i love your site and i watch alot of your loom videos.i think i have learned alot. thank you

Teresa McCann

would love to get one of your dvds


Please add me to the list. lauragibson2002@yahoo.com

Mary Jo Villegas

Please, please--NEED DVD for Cable Cast On. Using your book for baby bunt but confused.

susan fernandez

I would like to order and receive your dvd on knitting stitches

Becky Kile

please add me to your list.

Becky Kile

Theresa Addam

Hi I would love to get a copy of your dvd. Theresa

Jackie Altenderfer

I think I'm also on your list elsewhere too, but just in case I wanted to be sure. So yes I would be interested in your new DVD, and I might go ahead and buy an extra copy to give as a gift. Even though I've been looming awhile, I still sometimes have to double check and be sure I'm doing the right thing, especially on stitches or techniques that I don't do very often. Thanks for all that you do...and Happy Belated Anniversary!


I would love to have and use your DVD. Thanks, Linda


This was great stuff. I bought the looms and did not know how to use them. I tried with the instructions given, but with your information and videos, this seem so much clearer to follow. Thank you for the great help.


Me gustaria tambien recibir un dvd. Puedes ponerme en las lista o ya es tarde? Lee


I would like to be on your dvd list. Any idea when it would be out? Thank you. Also would the sock heel be on it.


Hi can you please add me to the dvd list. Also are you going to have the heels video? When will it be available? Thank you

Barb R

Please add me to your DVD waiting list. I have learned so much from you and I appreciate all of the videos and the teaching that you do!


Thank you - yes - I would love your dvd!!!
Also, I have the instructions for the little flower looms if you still need them.


Put me on the list! =)


Melinda Corson

Please add me to the list! I am new to the loom knitting and have done some basics. Always willing to learn new things!


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Carol Brodeur

Yes, I would like to purchase your DVD

Carol Brodeur


Let me know, please, when you have the DVD ready.

Shelli Terwilliger

Please add me to the list to buy a DVD Thanks

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Terri Lambert

Please add me to your DVD list. Thanks Terri

Keith Berlet

please include me on the list for the DVD. thank you.

R L Johnson

i also would love to have a dvd for reference it sounds awesome. rj in so cal.

Tiffany Saller

I would love your loom knitting DVD. I love your blog and your book is the best!

Linda Jones

Please add me to your DVD list! This would certainly lighten my notebook load of the written instructions. I am a visual learner. Even though I do most of the above, I often have to check to make sure I'm doing the steps correctly. I would buy this for sure! I'll start saving now thank you! LindaJ

Mary Owens

Me too, please

Debra Cole

I would like to have this video. It sounds fantastic


Sue Allen

Yes, please. I would love to be added to your DVD list.

Thank you,
Sue Allen

Mary Beach

Please I'd like to be on the DVD list!


OH Please, Please Please add me to your DVD list. This is the first time I have found your website. I have been glued to your books and now I have found you - WOW! Could you please send me a list of all the books you have .


Add me to the list too please.

Zoe Jamison

Hi, My name is Zoe and I recieved my Wonder Sock Loom, I have no problem following the video on starting the sock loom, but when it comes to the heel and toe everything is on the other looms. I need help please. Is there a video on the making of a sock on the Wonder Sock Loom.


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Isela, I'd love one,please count me in!


Carole Lamothe, St-Jérome (Québec)

Hi, i'm verry happy to know we can have your video......I live in Québec City and we don't have so much book or video for loom knitty knitting.....


I also would love a copy of the dvd

Shauna Robertson

Just found your site and I love it! Would love a dvd, too!


I'd like a DVD please. Seeing things in motion just may help me learn to do them right!

Tammey Reed

This DVD should be in all the major stores. It would be snapped up faster than the looms at Christmastime.

Oh, and add me to the list as well, please.

Tammey Reed

Frances Griffith

I would like to be added to the dvd list as well,
I'm new to looming and I'm so looking forward to learning.



Please add me to the list for the DVD! Thank you, I'm knitting now because of you!



I would like to be on your list

Bettina Sailer

Oh boy count me in! You are wonderful to share your talent with us, I know I sure need it. Thank you!



I would LOVE to bne added to your list! Please add me to your list. Lilaclady92 lonitad56@yahoo.com .

Kathy Smith

Oh, I'd also love to be on this list. I am still fairly new and know that this would be an incredible help. Thanks for putting so much out there Isela!


I would like to be on your list.

Melody Hahn

I would like a DVD if fact I hope that you do a follow up DVD after the basics LOL. I have all you books they have helped me so much. Melody

Marsha Calhoun

please add me - i want to see how it is done - correctly-lol
Marsha / dragonwitch

Janet Bishop

ohhhhhhhhhh this is great!! Thank you! I for sure want the DVD.


Lillian Harrison

I put my name in over at the yahoo site, but i'll put it here too...just in case! LOL!

Sonya Wiren

Another name for your DVD list. Thanks so much for all you do. Your teaching has been such a blessing to me.

Sonya Wiren

Recent blog post: The site http://www.purlingsprite.... does not match member ID4807


Looking forward to the DVD

Best Regards,

Lisa Bridgewater

I as well am knew at all this and would love a learning video. Not everyone is up at the time of night when I am trying to do my projects, so I get frustrated when I can not hunt up instructions. This would be a blessing in disguise for me.


Lisa Bridgewater

Joyce Clingan

Please add me to the list.

Brenda Myers

Please add me to your waiting list for the Loom Knitting DVD.

Rita Karaffa

I would also like to be added to your list of names. A learning DVD would definitely go a long way toward helping me when I get stuck, because now I have to search through all my saved topics to find the one I need.


I would like one too please!

Carleen Powell

Please put me on your DVD list. I love your videos. Thank you so much.

Patricia Jay

Please add my name to your list for your DVD. Thank you very much, Pat/SATx

Bea Goldiano

Please add me to the list. I would love to have the DVD's

Thank you,

Estelita Robinson

Me Please :o) Whoohooo. DVD Thanks!

Nelle Horn

Thank you for your primer book, it has really helped me with my looming, I am seriously addicted.

I would love to be added to your dvd video list.
Thank you so much!

April Norlem

Please, add me, April Norlem. I would love to have your videos on DVD.

Barbara (Scooter) Collins

I would also love to be on the DVD waiting list. What a great idea Isela.

Jennifer Wright

Add me!! :-) Jennifer Wright Proud new owner of her first DA Loom! Yay me!! I'm putting away my DPNs. Socks are going to get made afterall. :-)

Janet Badjar

Please add me to the DVD list. I have put this in 2 places so I should get through on 1 at least. Thanks.
Love Ya

Janet Badjar

I would like to be on your video waiting list please. Thanks.
Love Ya

Marilou Johnstone

Please add me to your DVD list

Gary Wightman

Hey Isla
I'm a new knitter and have your Primer and web info in my "Knitting Knotebook." I would love to purchase your DVD. What an inspiration you are as a knitter and beautiful person

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