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May 28, 2009


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My daughter in Phoeniz gave me one of these that she had gotten at a swap meet. I don't think it was made of netting but it was plastic I think. I don't have it anyore and have looked everywhere for plastic to crochet with. Maybe I will try the netting. Thanks


Check out Mema's 101 Uses for Scrubbies site at http://scrubbies101uses.com


My birthday is in a few weeks. I'll be 38. Should you make me that many? :)

Nadine B

I use Tulle when I make mine. Or you can use the thicker, rougher netting you put under skirts to make them full and poofy. You can buy it by the yarn at JoAnns or other fabric supplier. I like the tulle because it is easier on my hands then the thicker netting.

It is a great pattern. I was taught to make mine differently. I think I will try your version a few times to see if I like it better.


I too would like to know what you mean by "netting"?
What knind of netting exactly and where do you purchase it?
I think this pattern is a great idea.
I like making useful items like this--very satisfying to be more self-sufficient these days!

Would love to get started on this--just that little matter of figuring out what you mean by "netting" and finding out where to get it!
thank you!


Very cute. I learned to crochet when I was very young, and continued to love crochet until I got the knitting bug several years ago. I am going to whip up a few of these scrubbies. Thanks for the inspiration and pattern. =)



where do you buy netting?

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