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October 21, 2013


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On the explanation to others thing, tell them you have food allergies, and leave it at that. People "get" allergies, and won't bug you. (hopefully) I'm basically doing what you are doing, because I did discover that I am either allergic or hyper-sensitive to nightshade vegetables, dairy and wheat. ESPECIALLY nightshades. They almost killed me. So call me paleo or don't, but it's basically the same thing I'm doing, and I feel 2,000% better in three weeks' time!


you can do it, you are now 4 weeks into this eating lifestyle don't let that yucky nasty sugary gross treat over power your mind. train your mind to not listen to your body just opposite of running huh, you train your mind to not listen to your body you can over come anything. i have gone almost 3 years with out any nasty sugary treat of some sort or even any soda. don't cave in to that yucky treat

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