A new thing...or a waste????
We are back!!

What a blast!!!

So, after feeling like road kill yesterday, I headed to Knitters Nite at Rumplestiltskin, it was exactly what I needed. Tons of laughter, lots of shared stories about unthinkable subjects, such as having hairy legs, and our ever expanding hips, oh, and lets not forget our ever growing yarn stash.  But the very best part of the night, a scrumptious chocolate treat that Kim brought to Miriam to celebrate her birthday. It was chocolate decandence at its best!!! Kim you are an awesome cook!!!

The conversation was so interesting that some of us kept making mistakes in our knitting, LOL. If you have ever been to a knitters get together, you can imagine that it gets to be a little bit difficult keeping track of what you are knitting when the conversation is hot, hot, hot. So, a rule for me for knitters nite--take something mindless like a bag that is going to be felted and is completely done with stockinette stitch ;).

I worked on my sock, and I got some pointers from Miriam, like tugging at the first stitches. It is going a lot better now, and I have about 3 inches knitted. It looks nice and thick, it will make a good slipper sock. The first rows though were really difficult to get used to, all those pointy needles going every which way trying to poke your eyes. The next hurdle, the heel.

Well, I am off and I will post again as soon as I come back from the Road Trip--wish us luck :).


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I get so distracted that even my brainless knitting gets screwed up! :) So fun to see you last Friday! Sometime you will have to come to SLC with me and Miriam!


If you need any help on the heel, just let me know. My advice? Just follow the heel directions exactly. Don't question them. Just do it and it will probably work out. Also, when it says "turn" that means completely turn your piece around, even if you haven't finished knitting the row.

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