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The last mini-vacation of the summer took us down to Park City, UT to the Sheepdog Championship & Fiber Festival. Our hopes were very high, both hubby and I had never been to a fiber festival before so we were hoping to see lots of different things--spinning wheels, triangle weaving looms, floor looms, and of course, fiber. I, of course, was looking forward to splurging a bit of mula on some yarn. We saw a couple of spinning wheels, two Ashfords to be exact, one a single and the other a double. I don't spin (yet), but I did like the looks of the double. We found 1 triangle weaving loom located in a nice booth full of roving and drop spindles. I am guilty of fondling lots of the roving, so if any of you stopped by the booth and it had some drool on it, it was mine...hehehe.  We were expecting to see more spinning wheels and me, I wanted to pet lots and lots and lots of fiber. Oh, well, next year we may go to a fiber show in Colorado ;).

The day turn out really well, we found our friend Rita from Yarn Today, she had a booth there and we stopped and chatted. Bryant was very happy to see her and Andy. Bryant took off with Andy for a bit of llama petting. Talking about Bryant, he really had a blast.

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This was his very first Pony Ride and he loved it. I thought he would be scared, but he was very happy to go on it. His only complaint-"Mum, I don't have a hat" LOL. Yep, those were his exact words.

Then, the Bouncy House-if there is ever a bouncy house, he has to take a go on it.


And if you ever wondered what the men wear under their kilts--take a peek :).


Yep, apparently, nowadays, they wear something like spandex shorts. These are the Scottish games. The guy is throwing/hurling a 16 pound rock, then they measure how far the rock landed. Apparently, this was used in the past to see arm strength.

Women also took part in this event--that rock landed 16 feet away!! Wowzie!!


Park City overall--cool looking little town. We are definitely going back to visit all the shops I missed on Main Street.

And lastly, I would like to share my favorite part of this festival.



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Bryant looks like he is having a blast! Glad you guys had fun!

Kim/Chef Messy

I was a little nervous to keep reading there for a second--I know what they TRADITIONALLY wear under their kilts, you know? ;)

Looks like you guys had a great time!

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