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So Tempting...

So Laticia sent me the link to the Rhinebeck Fiber Festival. Of course, I had to check out the event's location and guess what!  It is only 45 minutes away from my Mum's. My Mum lives in Dover Plains, NY. Oh, this event is so tempting for various reasons

  1. I would love to see my Mom--it has been almost a year since I last saw her.
  2. I can get to meet Laticia in person
  3. The fiber is calling me
  4. It is my birthday weekend--Oct. 17 :)

Only 3 things holding me back from it:

  1. Sam's School
  2. The business
  3. And the ever non-presence of $$$$

It would definitely be super nice to go and see my Mum and for her to see the children.


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Oh I didnt mean to tempt you so much in terms of maybe making waves and stress, yikes! If you cant make it on such short notice, and thats clearly understandable!, just remember, theres next year :O) I have been trying to go for the past 4 years and everytime I had to cancel out, and I live in NY state, sheesk! This year I am going for sure, even though now with gas prices and on the horizon are the winter months ahead when money gets tight being self employed, say I shouldnt. I dont need a thing, could set up a vendor booth myself with all the stash I have. And its going to be the toughest thing to go to the festival and not buy all the tempting delights, but, I want to go for the drive, the scenery, to see all the wheels and everything else!, and pet critters and fiber and look at patterns and simply get out of the house for two days :O) I keep thinking about the cost of the hotel on Friday night, and the meals and gas on the road and the lack of self control I have when it comes to impulsive buying of anything fiber related :O) and I just know I should stay home. But I am not going to :O))))) I want to make it a yearly pilgrimage, so come next year and I will still meet up with you if we can and maybe then Sam will be out of school? You have to come next year, cuz the following year Bryant will be in school, right? :O) There I go again, tempting you and putting on pressure, sorry!!!


Hello Secret Pal! I just got my final package today (and your sweet get-well card) and I was bowled over. What a wonderful and generous gift! The kids are DYING to watch the Incredibles (we've been so twin-sulated over the past couple years that we haven't even seen it yet, so we told them we had to watch it first, LOL) and are terribly grateful to you and your son. BTW, I managed to get the felted bag back from the bears and it is now my digital camera bag and goes everywhere with me. I've been eyeing that Shadow Knitting book--it was the perfect gift--and the knitting journal is one of the best I've ever seen. Thank you! The little note book is beautiful and I love that it was handmade. I had to be very firm with Eleanor that she couldn't have it. Mine! All mine! :) I've been wanting to try bamboo, and oh, the dye pot is just on the stove waiting to come out. Thank you thank you thank you!

So, that said, three reasons you SHOULD come to Rhinebeck:

1. It's just a weekend, it's great for kids, and there will be many other knitbloggers bringing short people, including myself, Risa (One Crazy Fiber Lady), probably Sara (Sara Skates) and possibly even Julia (Moth Heaven). There's a really nice traveling zoo (not at all creepy, they clearly dote on the animals), a big slide, more friendly sheep, llamas, and alpacas than you can count, and last year there was a little bo peep and sheep character walking around the grounds. And a magic/juggling show the kids and I watched twice. As festivals go, Rhinebeck is one of the kid-friendliest.

2. Ya know, booths at Rhinebeck are not that expensive, and maybe there's another WAHM who you could share a booth space with, allowing you to take time to play a bit too. Or maybe you could make it an opportunity to provide samples of your product to retailers you'd like to work with? Or to demonstrate?

3. If you do 2, tax-deductible junket, with the potential for actually paying for iteself. Hmmmmm.....

Anyway, it would be a treat to get to meet you! But in any event, thanks for such a sweet summer of lovely gifts and pampering. I hope your secret pal did as much for you as you did for me!

Hugs, Cate

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