Nites in Knots and SP6
A Loomy Looming Day

SP6 Questionnaire & a contest

Dear Secret Pal, I don't know who you are, but I know that you are probably looking for my questionnaire. Here it is in case you are wondering. It is also on the sidebar by the SP6 button.

I am excited and I await my email letting me know who I will be spoiling for the next little bit.

Now for the bribe contest--I have decided that like many other bloggers, I have become a "comments hog". I know the blog gets viewed, but I am lacking on the comments section. So, I am resorting to a bribe, yep, a see how low I am willing to go to hear from you. If you are reading this and would like to win the following: 2 skeins of Noro #70 leave me a comment. Comment #350 wins the yarn :). At the rate I am getting comments, it should be anytime in the next month, hahahaha. So, start leaving me comments :). Dsc03188


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Oh, I'm there! I saw the link when I was checking out your mini socks. I would LOVE some of that yarn.


Hi Isela! Lovely Noro :) Here is a comment for you!

Thanks for joining Socktoberfest!

Secret Pal

Hi, Isela!! I don't care about the contest (ok a little) But you wanted me to comment so here it is!!!! I watched your mini vids on your looming site and I like them. I want to learn sometime!! Hope your having a great day!!!! (SP's can't win anyway. It's my job to spoil YOU!)


Did I win yet ? did I win yet?

No? alright I'll keep going!


Okay.... now you have my mind wondering ....what is SP6 ?


ME ME ME!! I wanna win.. drats.. only number 9.. Hey thats my favourite number!
Looks like fun was had by all!


OH....WAVING HAND.....PICK ME! Tina you can't win this, you were the assisstant. I need to win them. Isela, you do have people looking at your blog, but it amazes me that you go to this length to get comments, but maybe I'll win 2 skeins for beautiful Noro yarn.


I have to try to be a more regular visiter to your blog. I love reading what you have been up to in your knitting,looming and everyday life.


I'm trying to figure out how the spammers leave comments so I can put in the next 100 or so comments! I've never knitted with Noro. C'mon... give me a sympathy skein! LOL!


That's so funny! Well the noro is nice but reading your blog is better! I will try to be a more active commenter! :)


I'm in, I"m in!


I must confess, I'm a terrible commenter. I must also confess, I love Noro. Maybe I'll just post comments continuously until I win....MUWAHAHAHAH! Nah, I won't do that. I'll just sit by and comment here and there politely like a good girl, fingers, toes and eyes crossed :)

And yay that you made it into SP6!!!!


Oh, I want to win something. I never win anything. Well once I won tickets to a concert, but it's been what 15 years since then? So I'll comment, what do you want me to comment on. It's midnight and I'm not in bed yet and I have to get up early to see you tomorrow (uhoh.....) =) Going to pack my looming stuff up now!


You haven't received your match yet? Makes me feel a little better then since I haven't heard from my SP as yet. I didn't want to get worried since it's only been a couple days since this round really started.

I hope you hear soon!

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