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Fleur De Lis Cravat Pattern and other tidbits

FleurLast month, I set a goal to work on my knitting boards a litle bit more and get more creative with them, consequently, Fluer De Lis Cravat was born. It is small, but long enough to wear at the shop when it is cold. I wish I had it here with me as well as my fingerless mitts, but alas, they are at home, cozy and warm in a little drawer, while I am here freezing my butt bum off. The pattern has a small section with Fair Isle knitting and then the color changes for the horizontal stripes. (Click on the link to get the PDF file)

Shrugtobe_1On another small gauge knitting board, I have a shrug to be. I have an idea, a swatch and a drawing--which I hope all add up to a nice looking item, if not, I would hate to frog it at the end.

Dsc03528_1 On the needles, is a small hat for the little bambina. It has already been frogged once and picking up the stitches afterwards was not an easy task, but that is what I get for going forth and knitting without measuring her little head. Yeah, I swatched, and everything, but I forgot to measure how deep to make it--the thing barely reached above her ears. Dratss! And to top it all off, I dropped a stitch like 5 rows down, but I was able to get it back up by dropping all the stitches from that stitch column down and using a crochet hook. Gosh! I never thought I could get it up, but I did. I only saw it done once and that was done in purpose by the superb Miriam.

RufflesComing up next on the needles-Ruffles from the Scarf Style book. I even got spoiled and picked up some lovely Miracle yarn with my earnings at the yarn shop from teaching the KB class. It is great to have a little side job to get some addiction money :). The yarn is soo soft--alpaca and tencel....yummm.


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Kim/Chef Messy

Ruffles is a fun knit. You'll have to let me know how it goes!

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