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Nyah_3A box full of goodies arrived for the entire family from Aunt Lori and Aunt Becky. Aunt Lori was knitting away for the little ones. I once told her how beautiful her hats were and that one of them would look just lovely on my little Ny-Ny. So, unbeknown to me, she knitted away at a little hat for the little munchkin--the pattern her own, a modification of some bigger hat. The color choices--perfect for her little but ever growing wardrobe.

Bryant_1 Of course, an auntie never forgets any of her little people, so she made baby Bryant a fire fighter's hat from the very popular book New Knits on the Block.

The hats were both huge hits with the kids and the grown-ups around where super impressed with the firefighter hat!

Scarf_1You know how I know that I definitely knit too much--when my kid sees me grab the biggest bowl in the house and the first thing he asks is not "Mum, are you baking a cake?" but instead, he asks "Mum, are you going to dye more yarn to knit?" And when I respond, no sweety I am going to block the scarf and he excitedly says, "Mum, can I help, pleeeaazze" all the while jumping up and down. Then he runs to my knitting bag to find the blocking pins while I get the towel. As he hands me the pins and I pin the scarf down to the floor and I turn over to see his gleeful face I realize that no matter how much he may tick me off during the day, those little precious moments will stay with me forever. One pin at a time, one blocked scarf at a time, him and I are building memories together.

Closeupnyah (By the way, the scarf above was a test knit for SWTC. The scarf was knitted with gorgeous Karaoke yarn-silky soft. If you haven't had a chance to try the yarn, you must. It is very soft to the touch)


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Aw the kids look so adorable in their hats. It makes me so happy to put a smile on their little faces.


Thanks so much for posting pictures of your little darlings in the hats Lori made. She did such a fantastic job, eh? I feel honored that she included me as one of the gifters.


Kids are funny that way. It's hard to stay mad even though you wish you could for awhile. :-) Nyah looks ADORABLE in that hat. My son would love Bryant's fire fighter's hat. I would say those are some lucky kids! (And you're pretty lucky, too)Have a great day, Isela!!


Awww! You kiddos are so precious. They have some very thoughtful Aunts as well.


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