My Socks arrived!!
Happy New Year!

Back to our regular bloggin days...

Nyahandcurly_1Back from the little holiday break. The Christmas Curlyontree celebration went greeeeat! I thought Bryant was going to wake up early to see if Santa had arrived, but nope, he was still in bed by 9am. He was so unaware of the day that he even climbed in bed with me! I had to urge him to go see if Santa had come to our house. Maybe next year will be a bit different as both him and Nyah will be a little older and he will have a clearer sense of time and days.

Dsc03854_1 We were able to take a few shots of surprised little Dsc03848_1 faces. Silly me forgot to get them stockings for their little things, so I improvised with some paper bags which I filled with some chocolate...the perfect breakfast for the day!

In loom knitting news, I have been designing the scarf that my wonderful little model Nyah is wearing. The little model doesn't stay still so I have to run around trying to chase her to take the pictures. Tell ya what, good help is hard to find these days! The pattern will be available soon at my website.

In knitting news, I have been looking through my stash to see what will be my New Year's project. I would love to start a sweater, maybe the Ribby Cardi, but what yarn to use. I can't wear anything itchy, maybe Aurora 8, I have 10 skeins of it. Or maybe I can make The Essential Stripe by Wendy.


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Happy New Year!


Ribby was my pick, too. Will you be doing it on the loom????


I simply love your new scarf pattern. It's so trendy! You go girl! Have a beautiful New Year!!



Just to wish you a Happy New Year!! :)


Looks like you had a great Christmas! I vote for Ribby, too. Happy New Year!!!!!


Lovin' the scarf. Happy New Year!



I vote for the ribby cardi. It seems so "you."
Love the scarf. Looks like Nyah does too!


Merry late Christmas!


My little boy loves to loom. I'll have to go check out your looming patterns. I say do the Ribby!


I picked the Ribby since the other one was a bit low cut. Unless you were making it for me, then I like the stripy one, but then again stripes and myloveablefat doesn't go so well together. I love the scarf and the chocolate.


The scarf looks great! (stinker) and Nyah is getting soooo big!
Don't sweat it about the stockings! Really if they weren't part of your traditions then don't feel like you have to do it!
Make your own!!

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