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Tap, tap, is it working now? It seems that we were out of commission for day or so, some of my pictures are completely gone...probably going to do some last minute Christmas shoppin'

CableshatsnbThe needles have been clicking away, no, not at making presents for others but for me! I know, I am selfish, while most of you out there are knitting away for loved ones, I took a whole day just to knit a hat from S & B the Nation. My friend Renee, brought me her books on Thursday and I was looking through them and I couldn't pass up the cables hat. You all know how much I love cables, so I picked up some Prairie Silks in Royal Blue and had to give the pattern a try. I changed it a bit to fit me--I have a small head, about 19" around, so instead of using size 8 needles, I went down to a size 7. I also knitted a whole cable repeat more so the hat fit a little lower thus covering the ears a bit. After I finished it, both of my kids wanted to wear it! Bryant requested one for him in his favorite color--black, hahaha, he thinks blue is black. If you are wondering about the little black spot above the lip on the right side--it is not a fly, promise!! It is a beauty mark--it is real, it is there all the time, had it since I was born.

4_1 Playing on the looms with some yarn I picked up on Thursday at the LYS. It is pretty neat. Sam asked me if I was making a little animal--so an idea came. I shall make a long scarf with a face, I will add some buttons for eyes, and a little tongue, I will make the scarf long, and it will end as a thin I-cord at the end of the I-cord it will have a small spikey tail that resembles a small leaf. Another idea in the back of my mind, making it straight on one side and wavy on the other, one of the sides with self-fringing...ideas are flying right now.

In some awesome, super duper news, I have to tell you all this because well, I am a proud darling hubby got a 4.0 on his last semester in school! Wooohooo!!


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Kim/Chef Messy

Hey, we have the same hat now! Mine was knit in Prairie Silk in Franc Framboise! Now when you move to Lexington, we can be twins!!! :)

Congrats to your hubby!


Love the Beauty mark, and the hat. I have still not tried cables yet. but, I really want to soon.
And of course Congratulations to Sam!


Congrats to your husband!

Mary Ann

Your pictures all seem to be working. I love the hat. I can hardly wait to see the animal scarf. And CONGRATULATIONS to you husband.

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