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Knitting Without Needles

A collector of sorts...

Some people collect stamps, others collect baby dolls, others enjoy collecting leaves, I have decided that I like to collect sock yarn!

Seeing the different colors and feeling the different yarns is just superb! Seeing the lavender fusing with the brown and then becoming lavender again is mesmerizing to my eyes. Seeing all the different tones of greens in one single skein of yarn is like seeing a tree change from the beginning of spring to the dead of winter.

SockyarnThe end of the year is approaching and to this day, I have been oficially knitting with needles for 8 months. I had a great teacher whom showed me the basics and opened the door to a whole new addiction world. 

SockyarnfirstAfter finishing my first project, I immediately wanted to try sock knitting, cables, lace, felting, and anything under the moon. Although I wanted to take a class to learn how to make socks, my inpatience won and I had to try them on my own. A long trip  down to Mesa Verde and I came back with my very first pair of socks! I became addicted right away. The stash has grown considerably in the sock yarn department, although not as rich as some other blogger's stash. I was very impressed to see all my sock yarn in one single place. I am trying to inventory what I have and where to stash them for awhile. One thing for sure, 2006 will see some sock knitting from this little place in the world. I am figuring that I can knit at least 22 pairs of socks with all this stash, unless the Koigu becomes a Leaf Lace Shawl, in which case I can still make 20 pairs of socks...ooohhh dear, I guess I better join a sock-along so I can get some of the stash reduced!

Some of my ultimate favorites from the stash:

  • Vesper Sock Yarn
  • Socks that Rock
  • Sunshine Yarns
  • No No Kitty--whom is closing its doors, so I had to order a lonely skein of gorgeous pinks.
  • Lorna's Laces
  • Koigu
  • Cherry Tree Hill
  • And last, my own hand-dyed yarn

Are you a yarn collector too?


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Right now it seems as if all I'm collecting is dust balls and dog hair. And not because I plan to spin it into sock yarn! LOL! I do have a bit of sock yarn hanging out in the spare bedroom, just waiting for me to learn to knit socks. I have next week off of work. Maybe... Ooh, wouldn't that be fun, to make myself a nice warm pair of wool socks?


Oh, I have a horrible sock yarn problem. I think I have three or four office storage boxes full? I'm a little nervous about unpacking it all, it grew bigger while we were at my parent's... Yikes :)


I must admit, I am slowly becoming a sock yarn collector. I love it for the same reasons... how the colors blend. And often times, it's colors that I would never dream of knitting together, but they all work out together. I'm knitting with some scrumcious yarn right now that has all these dark burgandy colors then every once in a while this bright gold will pop through! I was thinking just last night how I love knitting socks with this type of yarn, as I look forward to what the next color will be :)


*drool* I want some of that sock yarn! If I teach you lessons will you trade me in yarn? ;) Didn't you want to learn to knit lace or something? hehe

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