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Dsc03659I found the perfect yarn to use for the Holiday Knits, Sox Exchange. The chosen pattern: Dublin Bay Socks. Yarn: wonderfully soft Cherry Tree Hill in shades of green. 

I am loving the simplicity of the pattern, the easy to memorize lace chart, the yarn makes it even more enjoyable. Only one problem--my gauge is completely off and I refuse to go down to a 0 size needle, or smaller than that to get the desired 9.5 sts per inch.

I remember when I was making my stitches so tight that I had to go up a needle size to match the gauge, now it appears that I may have to go down a couple of sizes...what's up with that? Any of you out there have the same issue?

Or is it Lorna's laces that much thinner than Cherry Tree Hill?

Dsc03656 Right now, I am getting about 7.5 sts per inch, so if I change the pattern to reflect my gauge, I would need to change the entire thing--no big deal, the math is easy to change. However, I donnnnn't want to froooggg itttt. I love it. The pattern calls for 72 sts which at my gauge of 7.5 sts provides with about 9.5" in circumference. (I am just waiting to hear from my pal to see if the circumference will work, if it doesn't, then the frog will have to come visit).

Dsc03660Since I was already sitting down changing the numbers on the pattern, I decided to work it out with one of my favorite yarns: No No Kitty-Kona Superwashed. So, I started that one sock while I await for my pal to send me her digits.

The yarn color is much prettier than this picture--my camera flash is set too high. The shade is named, Earth and Sky. Very pretty colors--maybe this one will end up going to my pal if I have to frog the first one.

Dsc03664 Look at this little things--they are 8" circular needles. I don't know how well they work as I just got them in the mail, but they are sure cute looking. Anyone out there has them? Have you used them?


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Oh Isela, I absolutely love the socks you are making! You make knitting socks look so easy! I stll haven't finished my first sock. Not my first pair, but the first sock. Maybe maybe maybe one of these days I'll have the time and patience to sit down and try again! In the mean time, seeing your work sure inspires me!


I do think Lorna's is softer than Cherry Tree so the gauge would be different. It's hard to knit on 12" so I don't think 8" are in my future. Let us know how they work.


The smallest circulars that I've ever used were 12". They were hard to deal with, so I'd imagine I wouldn't like the 8" either.

Your colors are beautiful. She will love either of them.

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