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Happy Birthday Sweety

A Year in PicturesBabynyahmom

It has been one year, one year that my little Nyah decided to join our little crazy family. She has been a joy to everyone with her sweet temperament. She is always full of smiles and cheerfulness. The only time you see her cry is if she is hungry or her little ear hurts.

Dsc02114_1 Yesterday we went to Grandma's to celebrate her birthday. Grandma has a tradition where she bakes them a birthday cake on their birthday. A lot of her little cousins were there and we all sang Happy Birthday to her. I think she is still wondering what Happy Birthday means since we kept telling her that all day long. She specially looked at Dad and Mom a bit weird when we sang her happy birthday after lunch time.

Dsc02155 Dsc02191   

One of my favorite pictures of her--my little sleeping beauty.

Dsc02390 For almost a whole 6 months, her hair stood up on end. No matter what I did to it, it would end up sticking up to the ceiling. So cute.

Nyahasarose The summer picture--my little flower.

Dsc03054 Getting into trouble...trying to get my yarn and needles like always.

Dsc03685 And last night, eating her chocolate birthday cake.

Dsc03672 Playing dolls with Grandma Phelps. Grandma Phelps has the most extensive collection of porcelain dolls so playing dolls with Nyah is a regular thing. Grandma usually gets one of her porcelain dolls and puts Nyah on her lap and Nyah holds the doll--I think Grandma enjoys that the best.

Dsc03674 Ny-Ny with her Birthday doll--she is feeding her the bottle.

Dsc03678 Uncle Wendell playing dolls with Ny-Ny, she really enjoyed this part of the day, no not the doll, but being held by all her uncles that were visiting. They both fed the baby and then they burped it, at which point Nyah decided she had had enough! LOL.

Dsc03682 Happy Birthday sweety. You have really made our lives a lot happier :).


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Connie Haney

Isela, Your children are just precious! You have such a beautiful family and you are so talented at only 28 years old.

Kim/Chef Messy

Wow, I can't believe she is a year old! Cute pictures--I love the one with her hair standing straight up. She reminds me of one of those little troll dolls! Hope she had a happy birthday!

wendy g

A very Happy Birthday to Nyah!


Happy Birthday Ny-Ny!
Aunt Becky


Such a beautiful little one! Thank you for sharing the pictures!


What a cutie...happy birthday sweetie. They grow up so fast!

Mary Ann

So sweet. I hope she has many happy, healthy, and peaceful birthdays to come.


Happy Birthday sweet girl!!


A year in the life of Nyah. It seems to have gone by so fast. Thank you for letting us share in your joy and letting us see her grow and blossom.



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