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Holiday Knits

Socks_1 Woohoo! I finished the socks for my pal in the Holiday Knits Exchange. The pattern came from my *new* number one sock book, Sensational Knitted Socks. I have always had a different knit gauge than the pattern calls for and that brought headaches, well this book has an answer to my problems, all I need is the knit gauge and then I just browse through the different patterns and find one that I like, then I simply find the number I need in the tables provided. Very simple, no more banging my head against the wall, and it even has lists with the different measurements for all sizes! Pretty nifty. Anyways, I hope my pal likes the socks...I know she likes greens, but I think this yarn has more lavender than greens.

Dsc03765 Once upon a time, we had a little Christmas tree, we took it out 2 days ago to put it up. The kids were very excited, I was excited too. Dad found the little tree which we carefully put away last year. Opened the box and everything was there, nice pretty little tree, only one thing missing...the base!! Idiot me packed it some place else and we couldn't find it. Little ones were sad, one of them almost on the verge Tree of tears.  So, we set out, we searched in two different stores and one of them was completely void of trees, the 2nd one only had gigantic ones that would need the whole square footage of our aparment. After looking for hours, we came home with our new, not so little Christmas Tree. As you may be able to see, it is top heavy, the decorations are mostly in the top section to keep it away from wandering little ones whom like to tickle them and make them move.

*Edit to add* Can you see the little Santa below the tree, well there is no Santa anymore. A little one got to it and it is gone now :(.

Dsc03772A few years ago Sam and I picked up a couple of small crochetted decorations. I got them because they reminded me of my Grandma whom was always knitting or crocheting.

When I saw them, I couldn't leave them behind, at the time, we only had the little tree so I only Dsc03773 picked 3 of them. Each time I see them, they remind me of my Grandma and her love for the fiber arts, a love that has been passed onto me, and I hope to pass onto my children.


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At least you have ornaments on your tree!!

My mom crocheted snowflake ornaments for everyone in our family with our picture in the middle. She puts them up every year and it's fun to look back and see how everyone has changed.


I love your new tree! Yours is top heavy, ours is empty on the top LOL. The kids were old enough this year that I could let them decorate it and everything is on the bottom. There's one branch that has 5 or 6 candy canes on it now. It even fell over once, and we had to do a bit of rearranging, but all is well now.

About your crocheted ornaments, I think that's awesome that are able to have those and that they make you think of your Grandmother. Memories are priceless.


Yea for big trees! The more the merrier!

Thank you for sharing your grandma ornament story. I have a lot of my grandmothers ornaments that I cherish.



The socks are gorgeous! One of these days I'll be able to post a picture of socks that I knit. One of these days....

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