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Knitting Without Needles

Bryantknits3K-Tel Knitter Success Story

As soon as I opened the box, Bryant jumped to the couch and grabbed the box from me, informing me that it was his knitting.

He sat down an hour ago to knit, and he still sitting on the couch, knitting a baby sweater for Nyah.

Bryantknits2 He informed me the yarn that came with the package is terrible and smelly, and he wants some nice pink yarn from the yarn store (pink for Nyah's sweater), so I should pick some up for him on my knitting day, hehehehe.

Amazingly though, he is still sitting there knitting away. He has taken up my spot on my rocking couch and he is busily making loops with the K-tel Knitter. He has Bryantknits probably knitted 1 stitch all the time, but I am amazed at how happy he is with this new gadget.

The knitting hook/needle came with an instruction booklet, which he has positioned right next to him. It is opened to the baby sweater pattern. He checks it methodically every few minutes and happily says "Mom, it is growing, I am making a sweater for Nyah to wear"

I don't know how long this is going to last, but so far, I have had 1 hour of complete peace :).


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EEK HELP I have lost my Mothers K-tel knitter and I can no find one anywhere If anyone knows where I can get one pleasee email me at

Karen Weisser


Mary Ann

So great! He is precious.


I love it! Go Bryant!


Is that what it takes? Where can I get one of those? LOL!! Actually, I'm not kidding!!

Hi, Isela! Your son is adorable!!


Jessie and Niff LOVE to play with my yarn and knitting needles, and my looms. Mostly right now Niff just makes a mess, but Jessie can usually do a row or two on her own on a small hat loom befores she gets frustrated and starts messing up.

What's a K-Tell knitter?


Wow -- what a cutie! And wants to knit ... ahhh! My little boy just says ... "No thanks, Mom." He does hold "going to yarn stores" over my head as a treat for me, though. :)


That is so fabulous! He looks so content and peaceful.

Kim/Chef Messy

Oh gosh, that is just so cute.


Wow!What is a Ktel knitter?
Good Job Bryant.. I 'm gonna need some test knitters when you avaiable buddy?


Go Bryant! Such a cutie.


This is great, one day i hope to share this craft with my son too.


WooHoo! You go Bryant! That is just so awesome to hear.
There now see Isela, you let your son play with your knitting toys and you are rewarded with all this lovely peace. And now Bryant won't grow up to be all bitter like I was cause my mom never let me touch her craft stuff. LOL No Really I am really lovely well-adjusted human being, really I am!

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