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My Socks arrived!!

Dsc03811 I was watching the mail every day as I knew that my sock pal had send them out. I stalked the mail lady every day, but nothing. Yesterday the mail came and no socks :(, then I went to work and I knew that it probably wouldn't come until today. The mail arrived today and no socks :(, but then UPS showed up and guess what, he brought me socks!! He Socks2_1 probably thougtht I was crazy when I said, oh my socks! Or, he thought I was in a sad mental state if I thought that socks was a great Christmas present--of course, I proceeded to tell him that these were special socks, they were handmade! Then he seem to understand my excitement. 

The kids gathered around me as I opened the box. Bryant of course had to get his hands on something, so he snatched the box of chocolates right away--thankfully, it is childproof ;) and they are still safe from his little hands--and tummy!

Dsc03812 Look, look at these cute little stitch markers! Aren't they just the best looking little Christmas ornaments. I love them. Thank you secret sock pal!! If you are reading this, pleeeeeease take me out of my misery and tell me who you are...I have looked and looked but cannot seem to find you.

Oh! and the socks, well, they fit perfectly!! My favorite color and the perfect fit!

Happy holidays everyone :)

**Edit** I have found my very secret Sock Pal. I have this tendency to check things from last to the 1st and guess what? Yep, her blog is the very 1st one!! So I checked the entire list in the Holiday Exchange! I guess that will teach me to start at the beginning!!


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Hi Isela!

Those stitch markers are sooo cute!


The book is called Blogosphere, Best of Blogs.


Hey, Isela. I was at Borders the othr day and saw your blog listed in a book on blogging. You're famous!!


Welcome to the Ewe-Tah knits ring! ;)


Ha! You know what?? My husband was INSISTING that I spell Nia Nyah! He thinks people will think it's pronounced nee-ah!
Weird, huh?? I didn't know that it was from MI2 though! Der on me!
(ps, I one of the Nia votes is mine, teehee)


The socks are such a pretty colour, and the stitch markers are adorable!


I love the cute stitch markers. I still haven't finished a pair of socks. Bad, Valerie, Bad!! LOL

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