Happy Birthday Sweety
Do you have a One Needle Looper?

New Knitty and Thank yous

Beatifulnyahkiddie_1Thank you for wishing the little princess a happy birthday. She really enjoyed herself and she even slept late the day after her birthday party. I guess she was really worn out from everyone holding her.

I also enjoyed seeing my comment numbers go up. I know, I am a comment hog, I love them! Can you believe I am almost to comment 500! It is sooo totally neat.

I also want to thank my wonderful and superb Secret Pal, Val. She was absolutely the bestest to me. She spoiled me rotten--you may remember the yummy yarn she got me from Knit Picks, then my roses for my birthday, and the last present, well, let's just say that she got me just what I wanted--a shopping spree at my newest and most favorite yarn shop--KPixie, and in her busy life, she always found the time every week to email me and chat with me. Thank you Val for taking such good care of me :).

BeetonbeautyAs half of blogland already knows, the new Knitty is upBeetonalt_1   and I absolutely fell in love with both sets of Mrs. Beeton. The green just calls the organic side of me, and yet the red calls my romantic wild side. I don't know how to knit with beads (yet) but I would surely learn if it means having a pair of these gorgeous wristlets. However, I think I will try them first without the beads just to get the idea of how to make them.

In other news, I received the calendar of events for Stitches East, so many classes that look interesting and yet, I think I may have to miss it, or maybe if I behave and save all my pennies, I can save enough to go there and take some classes.

**Ok, I just re-read this and what the heck do I mean by organic side? I sure spit out stuff when I am writing that I don't even know about.


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Connie Haney

I would love more info on the Secret Pal thing. I clicked your link and it looks like they are ending it, anyway...let me know.


I like those wristlets too. What a great way to jazz up an otherwise ordinary jacket or shirt. I can't wait to see the ones you knit up!


It's the celery in you! Happybday Nyah =) Not much called my name when I was looking at Knitty late the night it came out, but maybe those socks. Socks always call my name.


There are several patterns from the new Knitty that are calling my name. Dang my back log of projects!!!



Hi Isela,
Thanks for the comments on my blog. You crack me up!!!! I'm so glad I got to "meet" you!! Have a great day, friend!!!

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