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Time out..

I am in time out...I need some time away from the kiddos. I am afraid I am feeding the bad monster right now and I need to get away for a bit in order to get back to the "good" monster. Not much to tell you, except that I am working on the socks and I am currently trying to finish writing a pattern for the looms.

You may have noticed a change in the bloggy looks and I have to say that I fell in love with Kim's new blog look and I wanted to make mine look as neat as hers....she even has an MP3 that you can play on the side bar, now that is super! If I could get mine to do the same, I would have Ricky Martin's I Don't Care, or La Tortura. That gives me something to play with, maybe I can figure it out in the next few days.

Oh, I found my elf name, and it is not Twinkle Toes! 

Christmas Elf Name

My Christmas Elf Name is
Get your Christmas Elf Name at


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Hi Hi! Here's the link

Kim/Chef Messy

I want to be in time out too! :)

Love the new look! I'll have to send you the mp3 info--fun stuff!


Time out? Can I join you? Is there a spot for us on the LOST island? Maybe next to Sawyer? :-D


Boy, I wish I could be in time out right now. My girls are driving me CRAZY!!

You pattern is fantastic!



Bouncy Twinkle Toes here, wondering if you're feeling better today. Hope so.


Lovin the new look! I'm afraid to change mine for fear of losing everything LOL


This is Zippy Candy-Lips here, so does this mean that you had to sit in the "naughty chair"?
I had some time away today too, I went to a local arts festival, got to see loads of cool stuff and get loads of ideas.

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