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Contest winner & I am such a snob!

After using a very high tech system (closing your eyes and pointing at the screen with names on it) our contest winner for name the movie contest is.....drum rolll please...Lynne.

Thank you all for participating! Keep your eyes open for more de-stashing contests. I will be moving soon from my apartment and I am going to be reducing the stash.

I do not know when it happened, all I know is that it happened and now, I cannot change it. I am a yarn snob, loom snob, and the worst--a needles snob!

I decided to work the ribbing for the sweater on a smaller size needle, since I didn't have a size 6 anywhere around, I decided to go to Joanns and pick up a bamboo circular (both local yarn shops are closed on Monday--unbelievable). I came home, tried it, hate it! My stitches get caught in the cable and needle connection. I worked a few rows on the sweater, but I am not enjoying it. Now, my dilemma, should I get an addi and transfer the stitches to that addi? Would the stitches look different--ugh, I am just going to stick with it and finish it with those needles--uggh, the next 15 inches are going to take foreeeeeeever!


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Get the addi's donate the bamboo to a local friend
lol lol. Someday I'll be a snob too, but I really like my cheap needles. I don't know why.

Mary Ann

I vote for the Addis


I agree... get the addi. I *heart* addis.


LOL, Isela! We're all snobs in our own right. I'm that way with the DA looms -- which is why I keep crowing about them to anyone and everyone and they're all getting sick of hearing it! I'm also a bit snooty about my set of hand-turned crochet hooks I picked up at an art fair once. I have a set of Brittany hooks (in a broader size range), too, and can't even think of ever going back to metal or plastic ones.

Anyway, I agree. Get the addis and if the stitches are different, rip. It's better than being totally frustrated for the rest of the time and then not wearing the sweater because all you can think of is the hassle you went through finishing it! :)


Bamboo circulars are awful. I don't know who would knit with them - for exactly the reason you mention! I had a hell of a time with bamboos trying to knit some chenille once. For some reason, it took me a while to figure out that it was the needles, stupid! Get yourself some addis!


Get an addi, knit a row or two, or swatch; if you stitches are too different, RIP. Simple as that. Don't fight a bad join.

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