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C stands for Confessions: D stands for Diapers-No More for Big Boy Bryant

The time has flown. I didn't even noticed that the end of the month is approaching, yeah, I am aware that my knitting time is almost over for my Olympic challenge, but it didn't occur to me that my time was running out for my two monthly entries for the ABC along. Well, I guess I will be doing a Double Dose of it today  to catch up.

Workinprogress C stands for Confessions.

I will confess that I started my blog to talk about my Knitting Without Needles hobby--commonly known as loom knitting. I will confess that as I have learned how to knit with needles, I have fallen head over heels for the needles. I confess that I love needle knitting. There, I came out of the closet to tell you all that I *love* knitting with needles. I feel awful though to admit it in public--why, well, as most of you  may already know, I have a hubby whom makes knitting looms for a living. Yeah, knitting looms feed me and give me shelter, clothes, and money for my needles. Yet, I have abandoned them and I have taken up needle knitting. However, in my new journey with the sticks, I have not completely abandoned my knitting looms. Each time I try a new pattern, a new stitch, the wheels in my head turn trying to figure out a way on how to transfer the pattern over to loom knitting.

Bryant_2D stands for Diapers. My little boy, he has graduated to the fun underwear, the one with Batman, Spiderman, Nemo. He is a big boy now! He is completely, and absolutely potty trained!

No more diapers/pull ups for him. It has been an entire week that he no longer wears pull ups. Even at nights, he stays dry! I thought I would never see the day. Hubby and I always joked that as long as he was potty trained before he went into college that he was ok, inside our hearts, we hoped that he would pick it up soon. He finally did! He did it all on his own too. The trick that did it--we told him he couldn't go to school if he didn't go potty on his own. Then, we took him to his doctor's appointment and the doctor told him that he was a big boy now. Big boys go potty. Big boys go to school too. Well, the doctor's words made it sink in (forget the fact that Hubby and I have been telling him those same exact words for the past 2 years!) Beware the power of strangers!!  I am very proud of my little boy, whom just yesterday, I called a toddler on my post, but he is a toddler no longer, what is he now, a young little man? You go little man with the Batman underwear! Now, if I could find some with the Incredibles, I would be the Super Coolest Mom in the world.


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My son is named Bryant, too. He's 15 and well out of diapers.

My daughter gave up sucking her fingers at five because the dentist told her it wasn't pretty. Not for any of the good reasons we gave her(including crooked teeth), but because it wasn't pretty.

The knitting looms are tempting! May have to try one or two.


Whoo hoo! No more diaps!


Congratulations!!! You've done well between you knitting Olympics and potty training there is a lot to celebrate. Hey just a thought here but if you have a scanner, you could have him choose pictures that he wants on his undies, print them up on a photo transfer sheet and iron them on to plain old tighty whities.
Now he'll have undies that he can really be proud of.


Mary Ann

When my kids were small(this was years and years ago)there was a line of children's underwear call Under-oos. They were sets of pants and tops that matched superheroes outfits. I have photos of my boys as Superman, Batman, Robin, Spiderman... And my darling little Amy as Wonder Woman. Love it!!!


A child being 100% potty trained is a HUGE day for mommy's (and bank accounts). Congrats to you and your son!



Yep, it starts young - the 'refusing to take the advice of a loved one' syndrome. You get the idea - grown man, won't take 2 teensy-weensy paracetamol tabs when he has a temp of 40 (don't know what that translates into in non-British - fairly hit, though). Moans, suffers, Hell, makes the whole household suffer with him. Then, a nurse/doctor (AKA COMPLETE STRANGER) suggets it, and what d'ya know?


I tried forever to get my son potty trained.. then one day I got a Blues Clues potty seat, plopped it on the big potty.. and put a stool next to it so he could get up there. I also bought him a set of Spiderman underwear.. the rest as they say.. was history.

Yay for no more diapers!!!


I am SO jealous. Jessie, bless her heart, does GREAT during the day, but we can't for the life of her get her night time trained. We've tried the no drinks after 7 p.m., going potty before bed, etc, and yet, she still waks up 3-4 times a week with a wet pull up. *sigh* I think she'll just be one of those that will outgrow it later in life. As for potty training Niff...well, I should have chosen THAT for my Olympic Challenge!! Congrats B for the great job well done! :)

wendy g

Hope you find the Incredibles underwear. Congrats on finishing your Olympic knitting.

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