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Dsc04518_1 1 Dulaan item done, 15 to go! I used handspun yarn, it is not perfect by any means, but I thought it would make a nice toasty hat. I used the Zud hat pattern provided by Ryan from Mossy Cottage Knits. The hat in the pattern picture looks way better than mine but I attribute mine's wonky look to my handspun yarn.

In the meantime, I am googling for more patterns to knit for the Dulaan project. I will be making some loom knitted and as soon as I have a pattern or two done, I will load them up for those whom may need them.

Wishing you the best in your Olympic endevours!


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I had a teacher once in my cartooning elective class that said there was no way to draw something wrong, because it comes from within you. I believe the same goes for things we spin, knit, crochet, etc. They might have areas in them that make them "ours" but they are never wrong, therefor, there's no such thing as wonky handspun :)

Your hat looks wonderful!!

Jenifer F

Hey Isela -- thanks for the nice note! Yay to you for spinning the yarn and then sending it to the Dulaan project ... what a good cause, and a lot of good energy went into your hat! :)


I believe now there is no such thing as a wonky look to handspun yarn.It has an appropriate vintage freeform appearance. Only suited for the elite class.....

secret pal

hey there! love the new site name. can't wait to see your olympic progress. hope all's well! -- SP


The pattern is very chunky. I think any yarn might look a bit wrong in it. Size 13 needles? Is that what you used. I like your yarn though! I think I'm a fan of not folded brims myself. I saved the pattern though. I just can't believe size 13 needles!


wooo hooo!! I actually bucked up took some advil and made my first swatch. Then started to duplicate it on the loom.. that's when the pain hit cause I kept hitting my finger on the back row of pegs on the board.. wahhh!!


I love your hat! Your yarn looks oh so soft, and is beautiful! I don't think you give yourself enough credit for the nice work you do. Wow! Handspun yarn and hand knit hat. The recipient of this hat will be doubly blessed!

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