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Dulaanhat So far, so good. I am keeping a steady pace. An item a day, not too shabby. But, it wouldn't be a challenge without some difficulties to overcome along the way. Difficulties confronting this Olympiad:

1. B just got sick, which means my knitting time is becoming limited. He is really "needy" when he get sick. Likes to be cuddled and be held all the time. He likes to have someone with him while he watches tv. Poor little muppet, hope he gets well soon.

Hurtfoot_1 2. I hurt myfoot yesterday while out on a date with hubby. We were dancing awayWewon merrily and somehow, between a waltz and a polka, I twisted my left foot in the wrong direction. My ankle is really sore and the entire left side is swollen. I can barely walk now, but that didn't stop me from dancing the night away. If there is music, I must dance, dance, dance till I drop!

Luckily, we were able to enter a little swing competition before I hurt my foot. Came home as the lucky winners--our prize: some twisty pencils which B just loves. 

Back to the knitting news, the Dulaan hat was completed yesterday--on day 2. After looking around for patterns that would work with the yarn I have, I just ended making up my own pattern. It is a simple hat, and it works up really fast on size 6.5mm needles.

Simply Soft Cashmerino Dulaan Hat


  • 1 skein of Cashmerino Chunky by Debbie Bliss
  • Needles: dpns size 10.5 US (6.5mm)

Size: Fits a head circumference of 19.5"

CO: 56 stitches. Divide evenly on 4 dpns. Join being careful not to twist the stitches. Place marker to indicate beginning of round.

Round 1: *K2, P2. Repeat from * to the end of round.

Repeat Round 1 until item measures 1.5" from CO edge.

Change to stockinette stitch. Knit in Stockinette stitch until item measures 6" from CO edge.

Begin crown decreases as follows:

*K6, K2tog*. Repeat from * to * the end of round. (49 stitches left)

Next round: Knit.

*K5, K2tog. Repeat from * to * the end of round. (42 sts left)

Next round: Knit.

*K4, K2tog.* Repeat from * to * the end of round. (35 sts left)

Next round: Knit.

*K3, K2tog*. Repeat from * to* the end of round. (28 sts left)

Next roudn: Knit

*K2tog*. Repeat from * to* the end of round. (14 sts left)

Next round: Knit

*K2tog* Repeat from * to * to the end of round. (7 sts left)

Cut yarn leaving a 5" tail. Thread yarn end through a large eye tapestry needle. Thread the needle through the reaming 7 stitches. Pull on the thread "to gather" the stitches close. Poke the needle through the center to bring the yarn towards the inside of the hat. Weave in the yarn tail ends.

I have only done the one, but I am planning on making more as I have a couple of skeins of this yarn in the stash. As I make the next one, I will revise the pattern and write the exact numbers left after each decrease. If you make it, let me know pleasseee :).

**Edit** I made a second hat this evening and have posted the exact numbers left after each decrease round. The pattern is also available for download on the left side bar.


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Your hats are lookin' good, Isela! Good for you, and even making a pattern. Wonderful, and I love that you are also using it as a lesson for your son. Hope he gets better soon, not to mention your foot!

Tell Zonda Lamb's Pride Bulky is my default yarn for my Dulaan knitting. It really softens up quite a bit after a wash, too.


Thanks for feeling my pain! I really hate dial up. Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday I'll have my regular internet. :(

Your hats are looking great. If my shoulder wasn't bothering me, I'd be taking part in the Olympics too. Somehow, weekend drugged-up knitting doesn't sound like a good event!

Have you heard anything yet about the precious box you sent out? I'm so excited for you!


Awe poor Bry, Poor Feet, Poor Pencils! Hat's alot like what I made for J and D, except smaller and I used size 8 needles. I don't really like J's hat though. Not sure if it's the color (gray) or what, I think I made it a bit big around and a bit to long (goes to show that swatching and me doesn't work, it just gets me in trouble!)

Awfully cute hat though.

Zonda Belmont

Hi! Isela! Your hat is beautiful and looks so soft.
I love your pattern and printed it for some dulaan hats myself. Do you think Lambs pride bulky would work? I know it isn't as soft, but I do have a few skeins in the stash. Also making a dulaan hat from mossy cottage with some free mohair I got. Thanks! Hope the ankle is getting better! Take care!


Your blog keeps changing looks! I like this one best so far. ;)


Your hat looks great. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle, but dancing with you hubby...totally worth it.



Hi, I just noticed you are doing the Olympics and I thought I'd invite you to join Team Utah! I know it's late, but you are welcome if you want to join and I'd love to have you! Here's the link - http://utahknittingolympics.blogspot.com/.

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