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Spin me into gold....


Medalwebsmall_1 I truly feel like an athlete. I did it! The goal was accomplished on Thursday! Things I learned during the process:

  1. My children notice the items I knit. If I tell them that the item I am knitting is going to go to little Dsc04687_1 children in need-especially, if I tell them that the little children have no Mommy and Daddy, and definitely no toys.
  2. Trust your instinct and knit something you enjoy--even if what you enjoy is cables. See the cute little cables hat I designed (Miriam--I bet you are proud of me, almost a year after I learned to knit, I am on the go designing my own little hats!)
  3. Even though the children in No.1 enjoy me knitting items, they get tired of posing for the Dsc04688 pictures.
  4. Must buy a child size head for picture posing so children in No.1 don't kick me in the shins
  5. Learned how to make horizontal stripes that don't go up one row! Yippee, Dlandra, you see, I got off my lazy butt and looked for the instructions on how to do it, hehehe.
  6. I *love* knitting items for others that are in need of themDsc04689
  7. Must get a 16" length needles to make my hat making a bit easier

I loved knitting these items for the Dulaan Project. I would do it again-gold medal involved or no gold medal involved. The feeling of accomplishment has been great.

My great feeling of accomplishment was topped off with this :

Dsc04699_1 My wheel and I were in the local newspaper on a article featuring Dsc04700 Spinning Wheels! I am so psyched! I am almost famous. Dlandra's picture is also there, but I will let her show that one on her blog.

I feel like a celebrity, almost everyone at church stopped me to tell me that they saw my picture in the paper....I felt sooo shy, (rosy cheeks).


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Catherine Keller

Wow... I just poked my head in here and saw the info about the Dulaan project. I have to knit a hat or two for this! How fun and what a terrific cause!! I love knitting hats and now I have the perfect reason! Thanks, Isela!!!

celtic knitter

So great to see your Dulaan stuff. I should take your advice and spruce up the hats I'm making for fun. I love the cables.


Wow, I'm so impressed with you picture of all the little hats together! So cute, and such fun colors! You outdid yourself!


Congratulations! My daughter finished, but I ran into some obstacles. You did fantastic!! I am going to get my project done, finish a couple small UFOs and learn the looms - first time loom user!

Hope all is well.


Well done 100x over!
Yeah! Great hats! Great spinning spot!
Great Medal! (I dropped out of the Olympics and joined the outta-my-mind in love Olympics those weeks instead!)

Thanks for sharing! I love the Dulaan Project!


Congratulations! The hats are all just adorable. And such a feeling of accomplishment.


must. buy. malbrigo.


do. it. now.


At least go feel it. Really. You will be converted! I'm going to have to wait until the end of March to get my very own. :(


The hats are great and so awesome to have done them for the olympics :)

secret pal

woohoo! i knew you could do it! and all those lucky kiddies out there ...


Congratulations! You did an awesome job. Love the hats. The kids will be warm and stylin' when they receive these gifts of love.
Cool about the newspaper article. Is there a link so we can read it online?


What can I say except that it's people like YOU who make the Dulaan Project what it is, an unceasing flow of knitterly positive energy that makes a real difference in the lives of Mongolian children.

Thank you so much.

-Ryan, The Dulaan Project


Congratulations on your Olympic finish, and on being in the paper! How cool!


Congrats on your new found fame! How exciting.
well done on the knitting as well!jeni

Kathleen Berman

What fun to see you featured in your newspaper! Congratulations! I do not spin, but I have been looking at an old book (1971) called The Joy of Spinning by Marilyn Kluger. I do not know if I will ever spin--but I am very much enjoying the book. Love your cabled hat!

Mary Ann

We of the blogosphere are proud of you, for your gold medal, for you sense of charity, and for your fame. Keep it up.


You totally rock. And you're famous too! ;)


You are a celebrity!



Isela! Your hats are great, and so is your code :)

You're great too...the article sounds wonderful!


YAY! Designing your own cables and getting famous with the spinning! My mom saved the article for me without knowing that it had you and Dlandra and Andee in it! I don't know that other lady, but if she's spinning she must be cool too ;) Did you notice how they misspelled Roving though? "Robing" hehe. Made me giggle.


Way to go Isela!!!! Job well done :)

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