Olympics: Day 2

Valentine Mittens


Various stories of how the day originated float around in the world. In my mind, it is that day when the hubby better get me something when you make a little extra effort to let people know that they are special in your eyes. As the days pass, we become accustomed to being with our loved ones and at times, we may even take them for granted. Just sit for a minute or two and imagine how your life would be without them. Now, look at your loved ones and you will see them with a whole new light.

My valentine mittens are for a little one whom I do not know, but I hope that he or she may feel the love I felt while making them. My children tried them on and one of them really wanted to keep them even if they were a bit too small. But once I told him whom the mittens were going to go to, he relinquished them immediately. The mittens bring me to item number 4 (or should it be 5?) for my Olympic Challenge--4/5 down, 12 or 11 to go!

Roses_4 May you have a wonderful day :)


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Teresa B

Isela, your mittens are beautiful! A little one will cherish them. I am so sorry about your foot - hope it gets better soon. Congrats on the dance contest!
Hugs, Teresa


The mittens are beautiful! At least one little soul will be blessed when wearing your valentine mittens!


Beautiful mittens!

Mary Ann

Go team go!


You're really moving along on your Olympic challenge. Good Job!

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