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Capelet in design

Last Thursday, I picked up a copy of Knitter's magazine at Yarn Today. Why, well, I fell in love with this beautiful capelet.

Pearlspurls It makes me want to go to Prom night again! It has little pearl accents and a ribbon. I couldn't leave the magazine behind. I brought it home with me. Only one bad thing--I don't have any yarn for it, nothing similar to it at all :(.

I know the design is there for needles, but the loom knitter in me wants something Capelet_2 similar made on the looms, so I grabbed yarn and loom and started it at midnight last night. There was a lot of frogging of different swatches to get my desired size of wedge, but I think I have finally found the exact number of wedges and the magic number of short Dsc04888 rows to get the desired effect. It doesn't look like much right now, but I think I may be in the right track. The color is not the best either, but I will go and pick up some fluffly yarn today and see if I can make a dreamy cape.


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Now, that's one for the book! BTW, congrats!


Hey that's great! You know I got married in Nov.(many years ago) and I would have loved a shawl like that too. That would be a great project for a loom knitter.

Lori L


The cape is gorgeous! Makes me want to go to prom again too! I'm sure before too long you'll have a cape all loom-knitted up and we'll be going "ooh" and "ahh" and begging for the pattern!
:) Becky

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