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Circlebag The baby is on the mend. She finally woke up today with a hearty appetite. She had 2, not 1, but 2 yogurts for breakfast. She is still acting a bit wonky, but she is looking much better and despite going to bed at 3am, she had a good night's sleep. She slept well and looong--she didn't wake til noon today! Now, it would have been perfect, except B woke up early so I had to get up and take care of him. Responsibilities...bahumbug! I remember the lazy days when I could sleep all day long, or whenever I felt tired.

Bryantandknittingknoddy I picked up the cutest little knitting knoddy last week at Yarn Today. I brought it home and it was instantly pried from my hands. He believes he is knitting, I don't have a heart to tell him that he is not. He has taken tons of yarn out of my closet and started winding it around the knitting knoddy. Again, he asked if I can take him knitting with me. He is really softning my heart, one of these days, I am going to break down and take him with me.

I really think that my hobbies are sinking in...I hope it is a good thing and I am not doing him any harm. I guess, we will see in the years to come...if he asks for some yarn for Christmas, then I'll know.

I have been playing around in designing a little round bag on the knitting looms, Caracolito is almost there, except, I want it bigger, maybe with a longer handle. What do you think, like it, not really?


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I love how he sticks his tongue out when he is concentrating. So cute!!



kids who knit (especially boys) get it because of the math. Plus it really helps their eye hand coordination!! so their can't be ANYTHING wrong with that!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag! At first I thought it looked like a cute little snail shell, and with eyes, it would make a great children's bag :) Tee hee. With a longer handle, I'd definitely make use of it for myself! You are SO creative!

I'm so glad N is feeling so much better. I'm sorry she had to go through all of that!

wendy g

Very cute bag! I would go with longer handles too.


I love it!!!! It looks great amd versitile, so people can make a shoty handle version or long handle version.
I think it would be a great thing for Bryant if he took up some of your hobbies. I have read that studies show that knitting is good for kids attention spans, and we all know it is relaxing.
Oh, what I wouldn't give to have any of my guys show an interest in knitting.

mary w.

i love it! it reminds me of a snail's shell...very cool!
i'd prefer a longer strap, but that's minor, overall. way to go !!!


Cute bag! Were I making it for me, I'd make the handles a bit longer and put some sort of closure on it. Love it! Love it!
I'm soooo glad that N is feeling better!


That bag is adorable! I'd actual make it with very short handles, but I only carry little bitty 'hand-bags.'


So glad little N is feeling better!!!!
I think I would like longer handles on the bag.


I think it looks great that little bag!! Its a cute one!!


I'm so glad little N is feeling better! I think the bag is really cute!

Mary Ann

I agree with the others. I love the shape of the bag and the size. If I were to make one, I would want the handles a little longer, but that would be easily adjusted. I like the way you combined the colors.


I like the bag, it reminds me of mexican bread-- conchas? And your little one is so adorable with those long eyelashes and determined look :)


Your son looks so cute. Way to go on the new it going to be available for us loom knitting addicts?


Oh! Love it!! I agree with Stacy, let people pick their length! Great job!..


Love the purse. The short handles look great. If someone wants longer handles, they can make them longer. Any chance of turning it into a knitting pattern too?

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