Pretty in Pinks

I am such a doofus!

Saxony Leave it to me to mess up the simplest chart! Ah!!! I finally took courage to try out to knit something that contained only a chart, and guess what! Yeah, I messed it all up. I am knitting these gorgeous, Saxony Socks by Lisa Lloyd, and they are not hard, really, they are not.  They are written out with perfect instructions, the perfect chart. It is the driver of the needles that has problems. I just don't know where I went wrong. Actually, I do know, I skipped a very important part: clearly written, it says to P2, before and after the chart, and big Dumbo Mama forgot to P2 before and after!

Saxony2 Now, the big question, should I frog it and start all over, or should I just make the other one to match this one. Executive decisions must be made within a day! Does it bother me enough that I need to frog it? Would anybody else notice the huge mistake besides myself. I know that those in my house won't notice, I think the only way they would notice that something is amiss is if I were a pink sock and a black sock.

Besides that silly mistake, my first knitting from a chart is going fairly well. I feel confident and I have to admit that it is easier to knit from a chart than from written directions. Yep, it took me almost one entire year to realize it and to admit it.

I can now say very proudly that I can read instructions from a chart. A whole new world has opened up. I have the golden key and it will open doors that hold the most wonderful treasures within! Wait, somebody pinch me, I was dreaming while typing--first, I have to learn to read the ENTIRE instructions! heheheh

Back later with the conclusion of to Frog or Not To Frog! I shall go and sleep on it, then I will wake to make the executive decision. 


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you read directions?? hah! ok I do too..


Ribbit! Unless you're knitting these against a deadline, you'll feel better if you frog it. It stings a little at first, but then it starts to feel a whole lot better ;0)

With that said though, I couldn't tell by looking at it. Did you show us the goofy part?



Just be honest with yourself-- if it'll bug you, frog it!~ I often don't frog mistakes since it won't bother me and if no one can tell :)

Aside, that's a wonderful pattern. I've admired Lisa Lloyd's baby heirloom aran sweater & hat set for a long time now, and that sock is beautiful, too. Yay for charts!


I wouldn't frog it, but I can live easily with mistakes.


secret pal

Hmm. In forgetting to P2, did you forget those stitches altogether, or did you just K them? The P2 is likely there to set up the backdrop for the braid, so if you've just knitted them, it shouldn't make much difference and you can make the second sock to match. It's hard to tell from your picture. As for the chart-reading, more power to you, since I just don't do them! :)


I bet you've already froggged it, huh? Did you show us the goofed part? If so, I can't tell. They look gorgeous! So my vote would be to keep on knittin' and enjoy your new socks!


I vote for....Make the other one just like this one!!


Knowing you, I would frog it. And start now, before it's to late. Or is that knowing me? Yeah charts, I had a chart moment myself today. Wow, who would have guessed I'm kinda liking charts!

Hugs =)


Hmm. That's a toughie, you really haven't gotten THAT far so maybe you should try to ladder down and fix it and if it doesn't work, then just rip it. But stuff like tht eats away at me, if you have a serene knitting soul, just leave it! :)


Do you ever sleep. When you are not loom knitting you are knitting. You are superwoman. We are so blessed to have you as a loom knitter, your items are the best I have seen so far in my 8 months loom knitting.


Sometimes it is possible to ladder down (let one stitch run) to the mistake, and pick it up correctly with a crochet hook.

Other times, *sigh* it's just *splash*! into that frog pond to rip-it, rip-it!

Glad little N is feeling better -- my boy-o is feeling better, too, yay!


It really depends on if you think it will bother you once they are finished. I don't usually buy patterns, but that one is GORGEOUS and I might have to make an exception. I love saxon braids.. those socks would go great with the Samus sweater or Keplar!


How bad does it look? Is there anyway to add the p2 now and not have it look wonky?

If you haven't invested too much time in it yet, frog it.

Or go with that Chinese philosophy that says everything you make should have an error.

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