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Hearts and Boats

Oh you are sooo fine!

No, I am not talking about me, but yeah, I am kinda hot too! (nod in agreement) heheheh

Dsc04820 I was referring to the little sock loom from my previous post. While I have been knitting away at my sweater, I have also been designing on the side some knitting loom patterns. I have to admit that my beloved sweater has fallen to the side, with Spring around the corner, the color is not calling my name right now, so I am in no rush to finish it just yet. I have the body and one sleeve done, one sleeve to go and then the neckline. But, it will probably sit in the "to do" basket until next winter.

But, again, I am digressing, the oooh so fine sock knitters will be available to the public (I know you are all excited and can't wait) So far, there are only plans to make them in sizes for socks--but, I can already see the line growing to include hat looms! The unknown land of 7+ stitches per inch awaits us all loom knitters, so exciting!

In the past few weeks, I have been very much in the mood of knitting things in pink. Good thing that it is Project Spectrum's color for this month, so I have an excuse to show you all my pink stuff that I have been creating.

Dsc04839 My fancy pink camera cozy, with my own cable design and applied I-cord around the top of the baggy. It is really cute (to my eyes anyways). Of course, I cannot take a picture of it with my camera inside cuz well I only have one camera and if the camera is in there, then I can't take the picture...duh moment! If you think you recognize the yarn, you are in the right track. It was done with left overs from my Pink Steps socks.

Dsc04836_1 Next in line, we have a pink garter stitch hat done on a knitting loom--the crown has decreases to reduce in the bulk. Done on a super secret knitting loom that only 3 people have seen it. Right now, said knitting loom is in the testing stages, but it is niceeeeee!

Dsc04838 My other pink project, has a pretty bluish/greyish stripes. Ths project is done on a knitting board--simple project for beginners. Again, I am testing a super secret knitting loom--the same knitting loom that made the Pink Garter Stitch scarf

Lastly, another pink, this time combined with a beige for one of my favorite Dsc04835 Dsc04834 combinations of colors--Neopolitan! You can't really see much from the picture, but it is just some simple fair isle, nothing fancy, I will probably have more pictures from this project tomorrow. The entire design is still in the works as I would like to add some simple lace eyelets to it, or maybe add more colors than just the two.

I am in the Pink mode right now, I don't know what I am going to do next month with Orange and Yellow...maybe I make a felted carrot! But in the mean time, I will listen to some Pink Floyd to round off my pink life ;)


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Ok, the beige looks better on this page :) I like it!


Your n' the pink! I love, love your projects thus far!Let us know about that hat! I'm looking for away to make the top flatter for my son!


Shine on you crazy diamond! Love the pink, can't wait to see the new loom. I had an idea spark in my brain last night and almost got out of bed to e-mail you about it. But, it sounds like you may already be on it.
The thought wave must be slow coming from Utah to RI.


Nice camera cozy. Vair, vair, thrice vair nice.


I'm lovin' all that pink! And am so excited about the new looms. Can't wait to hear more about the super secret knitting loom! Keep up the great work with all the new loom patterns and tips and tricks. You rock, girl!


Wow, sounds like your busy with all kinds of secret projects!

:) That last hat will also match the socks you're going to make from the yarn you got at Stitch n' Bitch. How cute! ;)

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