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Pretty in Pinks


PinkwithnyahTwo years ago if you had stopped me in the street and told me that my Pinksocks favorite color was pink, I would have laughed and turned my back on you. Then, wondergirl was born and pinks filled my life. I never realized the freshness, the sweetness that the color pink has in it. When I wear pink, I feel as if spring has finally arrived.

When looking at yarns, I now tend to pick pinks, reds, and purples, when once, I used to pick grays, blacks, and burgundys. In a sense, wondergirl brought with her more than just her light and freshness, she brought me the gift to see a new side of the color wheel.

Dsc04782_1When I saw Project Spectrum's first colors: pinks and reds. I had to join! It is my color now, I couldn't pass it up.

My first Pink Project Spectrum: A pair of socks! Yippee! I have added another pair of handknit socks to the drawer. Count: 4 pairs of handknit socks. My goal: to have at least 7 pairs by the end of the year.

I casted for the Pretty Pink Socks on Thursday and finished them this afternoon. They are a bit in the poolly side of the spectrum, but I love the color. It has pinks of all shades with purples.


Next on the needles: something red! Stick around to see what the something red project will be.

PS: Don't forget the fun contest! 1000th comment almost there!


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My DD is a pink freak! She frequently pairs it with black. So I must admit, I love pink, too!


Omgosh Strawberry Shortcake! You should see my collection! I loved her as a child so I spent too much money on ebay to get her back :)


Oh my goodness- your story could be mine! I NEVER wore or particularly cared for pink until I had my daughter. Now I have fallen in love with it. So feminine and sweet.

I love the socks - very nice!

And I LOVE Strawberry Shortcake - she was one of my favorites when I was a girl. Now that I have a three year old daughter, I am thrilled that they have the new Strawberry Shortcake for her to enjoy. I watch the DVD's with DD and her room is filled with SS toys and bedding. It's as if I get to relive my childhood all over. ;-p


Hey, I saw you cast those one, no fair rofl. I did finish a loom scarf today, but I haven't knitted a stitch on my socks, but did do about 5 more lines of the shawl lol. Man that was fast, and they look pretty, woohoo good job.


lovin them socks! Pink is a good color on you!


And you look so good in pink too!



Well I never thought of myself as a pink person either.
You have to be careful what shade you choose when your a red head. But, living in a house surrounded by males
I do enjoy my slashes of pink feminism surrounding me.


Think pink! Doesn't pink look great with chocolate brown? From baby pink pastels to raspberry to screaming neon pink, I'm there, too. It's not the powerbroker color that red is -- it's the I-can-giggle-if-I-want-to color of youth and the promise of Spring. Viva la pink!


I love pink! Your socks looks great too!


I love pink too! Nice socks!!!


Wooo hooo it wondergirl two??
hoo hoo hoo!!!


WOAH! You knit those fast!

Mary Ann

I especially like a bright pink, even fushia.(Is that spelled right?). So your socks look great to me.


My son, who has quite dark skin, loooked stunning in rqspberry pink. Used to offend quite a few old ladies, though...


Love the pink socks!


I know what you mean about pink. I avoided it for a long time and don't know why really. It is so fresh and sweet, goes with just about anything, and is flattering on most people.

And love the Strawberry Shortcake display! I used to watch it in French (it was called Fraisinette). Remember the cereal? It made the milk turn pink. Oh, how I begged my mother...

Love the socks too ;0)


I loved Strawberry Shortcake. I had all the smelly flavors growing up! (here goes my mind wandering) remember scratch and sniff stickers? Did you have the sticker books to keep them in? I think I had all of them too! I remember the nasty ones like gym socks and skunk.


Love your socks and your two cutiepies! Oh strawberry shortcake...brings back memories :)

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