I am such a doofus!
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SaxonysockYep,  many of you were right my anal retentive self could not let that sock be made the wrong way. I had to rip it! It is not in my nature to do make something  wrong purposely.  Not only did I forget the 2 purls before and after the cable, but I forgot to add the stitches to the body of the sock altogether. I am really a doofus! I was so concentrated in following the chart that I forgot to follow the written directions.

So into the pool it went to visit Mr. Frog. But, now, it is a pretty, perfect sock (note: perfect in the sense that it at least fits me, even if it does have laddering problems in some parts).

Dsc04817The picture of my sock was taken down in Salt Lake at the SnB meeting! Yah! me at a SnB meeting :)! Kim was here visiting and her and Mim were going to go down, so Dlandra and I tagged along.  It was my first girl's day out too and I loved it (granted by 8pm I was missing my hubby and kids).  A must stop at Black Sheep yarn store was in order. The spoils of the evening: 2 skeins of Cashsoft DK, some awesome Crystal Palace dpns, and 1 skein of handpainted yarn (handpainted yarn was purchased at the SnB meeting)!

Dsc04800_1 But there were more fun stored for the evening--I got to meet so many wonderful knitters. Some of which I have read their blogs for many months now--knitter's present at the wonderful gathering: bloggers: Mim, Kim, TinaMargene, Eliza, Susan, Laurie, Katherine, Bonnie, Teri and non-bloggers Julie, Heather, Jessamin, and Karen.  A gathering of knitted socks was a must!  Of course cameras came out to record the moment in history!

(Photo Caption: Kim and Me!)


The Gathering of Socks!

The gorgeousDsc04801 Mim when trying to take a picture of me and Kim at SnB.

We miss you Kim...come back to Utah after law school, I need my free lawyer near me!

It was an amazing girls date night out!


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You are a better woman than me. I would have let it ride. It turned out beautifully.



Great sock! I love the color, too.


Really cute socks! Love your blog! Where did you get that yarn, and do they take long with the smaller needles? I am used to my hiking sock pattern. They go sooo fast!


So fun to finally meet you! And I agree . . . you grrls need to convince Kim to move back.


I LOVED the socks. Vair, vair nice. And now I must visit Logan to knit with ya'll up there!


I had a great time meeting you and laughing and chatting! ;)


I'm glad you had fun! I wanted to come so I could meet you, I remember you mentioning you were going to be there. But alas, I am sick again and didn't want to pass this crap along to anyone :(

Your sock looks AWESOME!


Hope your frogpond trip isn't as painful :)


It was so much fun to finally meet you! Come back again soon!


Nice sock! And so fast too ;0)


Looks like you had a great time! Your sock looks beautiful.


Looks and sounds like you had too much fun! I'm happy for you!


although that is not the most flattering picture of me, it's still better than the ones I took! haha!

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