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The tools that we use everyday to create our knitted items say quite a bit of ourselves. The way we store them, the way we care for them, the way we treat them, all of these things show how much we love our craft.

When others gift you with something so dear as a tool that you can use with your hobbies, it can only mean one thing: in some way, you have touched their lives.

Now, when someone takes time to make you something just for you, something unique, a one of a kind item, then that can only mean one thing...they must really care for you.

Thus, I have dedicated this post to this wonderful present I received. It is not just a tool, it is truly a designer's inspiration!

Dsc04774Angelique, a dear friend, whom I have never met in person, but we have exchanged countless emails. She gifted with a knitting tool that I can only call, the Artist's Knitting Tool.  It is one of a kind! I really do not know what I did to deserve such a wonderful gift, but, I love it so much and I wanted all of you to see it. With this knitting tool, I shall design many future loom knitted patterns as it inspires me to make beautiful items with my knitting looms.

Thank you Angelique! It is the bestest knitting tool ever! As my son says: you rock!

Dsc04770 Dsc04771


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Betty Mehlhoff

Oh my!! 7.5 x 10. Is the Crafty Knight going to make this loom available to the loyal peasants?? Oh please kind knight:>) You, Looming Goddess, are very spoiled!!!

Great job!


WOW! How beautiful. I went to visit Angelique's blog,
she is a very talented artist. I wish you the best, and most creative knitting with such a lovely tool.


JoAnn H

That is a very beautiful tool. You have a wonderful friend to help inspire you to create more beautiful things.


That is beautiful!


That is amazing! I've never seen anythin like it.


Mary Ann

OMG its beautiful! What is is made of? My compliments to Angelique.

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