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We have a winner!!! 1000th Comment

Not even a year later, my blog has received the 1000th comment!! I must be a blabber mouth  (in this case blabber fingers) and blog quite a bit.

Thank you all for the great comments and for bringing me a great blogging experience.

Bring out the balloons and the confetti, our 1000th comment...drum rolll pleaseeeee.....cheeesseee...

The lovely and gorgeous.... Teri!

She will take home, Wallace and Gromit, the Curse of the Were Rabbit!


Thank you all for participating!

Next month is my blogiversary and my real anniversary: 1 year blogging, 5 years married! It is an exciting month...I have some news that I will leave for another couple of posts...stay tuned to the Purling Sprite Channel.


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Hey Isela. For some reason I can't find your email anywhere! I wanted you to put my name under the mission complete on the odesaa kal :)


So... where's the green? :)

Happy 1000th comment!


Congratulations to Isela on you 1000 comments in under a year way to go! And congrats to Teri, you'll love the Wallace and Gromit movie. We love those guys.
And for all the knitters you'll have see W&G in "A Close Shave" Crackin' good fun Gromit!

Donna Niell

Hi, I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go to ask this. Several weeks ago you said you had figured out how to taper the toe of a sock on a loom and would come out with the pattern. Did I miss it? I have some yarn and am itching to try. Thank you, Donna


NO WAY!!!! Woo-hoo!! Thanks, Isela!!

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