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Welcome home Matthew!!!

Belated Blogiversary!

It appears that I missed my own Blogiversary. Too many things happening this month that I can hardly keep my thoughts straight. Well, happy blogiversary to me, happy blogiversary to me! hahahah. Thanks for hanging around with this crazed loom knitter for the past year. It has been fun, and it has been real.  And dare I say it--it has been REAL FUN!! ;).


I finally found the camera--actually, hubby found it. He forgot he put it in the car's glove compartment. I don't know what he was thinking by putting it there--we never, ever look in there!! I was ready to take out the Visa and get me a new one--terrible that he found it before I smoked the card!

Dsc05278 In the move, I lost my slippers, I think I accidentally threw them in one of the bags that went in the garbage, so yarn and needles came out of their forced vacation. I am making a pair of Fiber Trends Clogs. The yarn is all odds and ends I had in the stash. I have used the child size pattern for a pair for B last year and I remember having a bit of trouble remembering the row I was on, well, nothing has changed. I still can't keep my eyes focused on the pattern--last year was my listening to Eragon on tape, this time was a little one clammoring at the top of her little lungs that she was the baby and she wanted milk! It was really cute and I was enjoying it, until I realized that I had knitted the same row 3 times!!! Let me tell you something--frogging rows that have all those M1, SSK, and K2Tog, and W&T are no fun, no fun at all!

Well, I am off to bed, here are the promised pictures of the boring craft room...and Mim, look at what I got to amuse myself :)...Bunny Suicides! They are just awesome! I have a sick sense of humor, lol. I also couldn't resist getting Furry Logic on Parenthood a good laugh....oh dear!


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Debbie West

Isela, Your craft room has very good light through the windows & lot's of room for yarn!


Happy anniversary! Only one year? I thought it was longer for sure. Your blog looks so...established! Way to go ;0) And congrats on the move to. Do you have a basement or garage where you can hide those boxes you get fed up of staring at? We had 3 boxes left in our living room when we moved in 2 years ago. All odds and ends with no "place" to go so we moved them down to the basement and haven't gone down there looking for anything since! LOL! Guess we should goodwill them...


Happy blogversary! Love your craft room!

Mary Ann

Happy blogiversary! This is the first time I have viewed a slide show on a blog. What fun! I know you will enjoy having a craft room. I don't think you will think it is boring for long.


Happy Blogiversary Isela...I've got a long way to go to get to my first year! That can't be your craft room, everything is so neat and organized...a professional loomer would have yarn strung out everywhere, wouldn't she? LOL


Happy BLOGiversary girl!! I am loving your craft room in this blue big time. Everytime I vist a blog here lately, they are showing something in blue, including mine. You know the blue top. I am in love with blue right now. Those clogs are going to be so comfy. I love my felted booties so much. Just wished I had knitted them in another color instead of hot pink. Love the photos! Talk to you soon.

Lori L

I meant to comment on the clog pattern and keeping your rows straight. I have the same problem getting confused while doing those patterns too. I just saw a solution on Knitty Gritty today that said you should print up the pattern row by row in large print and cut out each row and glue to an index card. So that you will have one card per row, punch a hole in the corner and use one of those rings to hold it all together.
I know it sounds like lots of work, but you'll only have to do it the one time and it will solve the frustration.

Lori L

Happy Blogiversary! Wow, awesome craft room congratulations, I hope that you really enjoy it.


Happy blogiversary! What a great room. I see there is a ton of room for stash enhancement. YEAH!!! A reason to buy more yarn.


YAY! I'm glad you get a craft room and it looks like a lot of fun! Make sure you get a big cushy chair to put in there so you can hide away and knit some times. :) Happy blogiversary too! I LOVE the Bunny Suicides!


Happy Anniversary!!! Are you up late, too? Great craft room! All I have is my computer space for a "room".

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