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Flash Your Stash Day

FlashyourstashIt is the day to come out of the closet and tell the entire world how much insulation yarn I have in my closet.  So, without further delay, let me Flash my Stash for you! But, I will let the pictures do the talking today.

First, let's start with the sock yarn. Which will serve a double duty today, first for my Flast my Stash, and also for the Sock Yarn Addict's Club. It is the only one that I have an actual count.

Firslayer Total 42 skeins. I know, it is hardly a stash worth mentioning (heheheh)

2ndlayer 3rdlayer

Then, I started counting the rest, but I lost count and my kids started getting hungry so I had to just take a quick photos.

In total:

  • 3 huge tubs.
  • 2 Wide Drawer Carts with 3 drawers each
  • 2 Medium  3 Drawer Cart

Stash2 Stash4

A quick peek into the contents and you will find:

Stash1 Stashwoolpeek Stash3 Ksh

Well, now you know how much yarn I have. All I can say is the following: It is Not Nearly Enough!! :)  So, how much yarn do you have, let's see, Flash Your Stash!


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mary conklin

the commet with my name is not the commett i left what i left was called the isela and same easy loom because i can work with a loom like that

Teri Stenerson

Another name for the loom suggestion


S Murray

Well, I for one can't wait till that little beauty of a loom is ready. I believe I would name it it the Head to Toe Wizard. Why? Well, because you can make things for your head and your toes and probably some things in between) but I think you are promoting the head and foot aspect. Hope you like the name.

Judy Hudson

I think a perfect name for the new loom is "My Dream" because it certainly fits my idea of a dream loom.


Nice stash! I'm impressed with how neatly you have it arranged.


Teri Stenerson

I would like to suggest a name for the new loom.



Chris Warren

How about naming your new loom the "All round hat and mitten loom"


How about Loom-It-All..because that's what it seems you can do with it ??!! It looks wonderful ...
congrats to your husband on another great job!


Out of curiosity, do you have any sock yarn? :)

I love how organized you are. Come to my house and organize for me? :)


Oh Isela, I wish we were neighbors!!!!!


You can always have less yarn than you want but more than you actually need. that's the rules! you go girl.


Okay, first off: I totally envy the sock yarn stash and am impreesed with the size and neatness of your stash!

Second, love, love, love the cable handbag and just had to show my husband the shots of your kids doing housework. Now that's what we need to be teaching Julian to do! LOL!!! What terrific kids you must be doing something right ;0)


I see some Lorna's Laces shepherd sock in Motherlode in that stash of yours! I'm waiting for you whip up a pair of socks using that yarn, so I can see how they look. And to hear what you think about LL. Will this weight sock yarn work well on the xFG looms Sam makes? ;)

Cindy in Oregon

Okay, I rose to the challenge and updated my blog with my stash. :) I like your upscale yarns a lot better than mine, though!


I was wondering about the move also! I hope that's going OK for you! I'm totally embarrasedto show my stash! But in time I will be proud!


Mmmmmm! Nice yarn. I just thought of this... have you moved yet? How did that go?


What!!! You havn't done anything with your kidsilk haze that I sent you? OI.. that's it I'm not sending you any more... oh .. yeah.. I don't have any more.. I sent it all to you!! heheeh
I want my sock loom!! I want my sock yarn that I ordered on ebay!!! wahhh!! I want them both!!!


Nice stash - thanks for sharing it. I'm jealous of your Vesper....I've been trying to buy it for months.


Your yarn is so nicely organised! I'm drooling over some of your yarn too. LOL


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