A new cast on for round knitting looms
Happy Anniversary!

Poll for name the knitting loom!

Thank you for all the wonderful entries...I am amazed at your creativity and well, overwhelmed at the great response!

We took the names in a first come, first serve basis, for example, if the name FlyALoom was suggested first on April 9th by X person then again on April 12 by Y person, the entry goes to Person X as they were the first one to suggest it.

The winner will take the items pictured. A nice carry on bag for your new knitting loom, the knitting loom, and some yarn goodies! Dsc05207

It was a difficult task choosing only 10 for you to vote on. The choices for the poll are as follows.

  • Kneat-O-Knitter by Eileen
  • Wonderloom by Becky H.
  • Glide-A-Peg by Marisol J.
  • Junior AJAL by Laura
  • DIAL (Do-it-All-Loom) by Debee
  • SlideALoom by Azia
  • 22 Scadoo by Michelle S.
  • LuvALoom by Betsy
  • Gotta Have It Loom by Deb B.
  • Totally Tubular by Tina E.

Poll will end at midnight April 13th. If there is a tie-Sam and I will choose the winning name and the 2 participants will receive a knitting loom--but only the one we choose will receive the bag and the goodies. Does that sound fair?


We have a winner!! Becky H wins the treasure. The name for which this knitting loom shall be known throughout the land is......drummm roollllll: WonderLoom.

I think it is an appropriate name, I mean, I call little N Wondergirl, and B Wonderboy, maybe it was meant to be :).

The knitting loom has a name!!! WonderLoom :).

Thank you all for participating and for making it so much fun. For an entire day there I came and clicked on the results just to see how everything was going.

The poll results ended as follows:

  • Wonderloom with 99 votes
  • DIAL Loom with 66 votes
  • Junior AJAL with 65
  • Slide A Loom with 56
  • Glide A Peg with 39
  • 22 Scadoo with 31
  • Totally Tubular with 14
  • Kneat-O-Knitter with 12
  • Gotta Have It with 7
  • LuvALoom with 5

Total votes 394!!!


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Hey, congrats on the house. You must be thrilled! No more eating in the car while last minute renovations are being made at the rental (that really did sound terrible). Plus the new house looks wonderful. So purdy ;0)

Oh, and I totally voted for the wonderloom!

Happy early Easter!


holey moley, looks like I might just be getting myself one of those new cool looms! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Regarding my hair, jeez! You are too nice!


I voted for the name WonderLoom. IT is easy to remember and it's a catchy name.


Oh yeah, I totally voted "Glide-a-Peg"


Isn't DIAL like .. a soap?? hmmmm dunno about that one..

Jan Rottier

I choose "Gotta Have It Loom"


Love daLoom and can't wait for it to go on sale! :-) Becky


Wow, everyone must be madly voting, it took three tries before I was able to get through! Congrats to everyone who made the top ten!!


Azia is impressed!! We will be watching to see what the name of this new loom is!!
(Brian is off in the corner crying cause his name didn't make the cut!)

Shawn Michelle

I'm sooooo EXCITED!!!!! I made it to the top 10!!

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