Once in a lifetime
Ring, ring, are you gonna get that?

I can do it!!

Dsc05119 Guess what?!? I don't really need that Sewing for Idiots book--well, I do, but not really! I actually need a Threading a Sewing Machine Book, hahahah. I made it work, I made it work! It took some work and some very bad language but it worked.

I even managed to make two liners for my loom knitted cables baguettes. Of course, I wasn't supposed to make 2 but I messed up on the first one, instead of closing the short sides and leaving one of the longest sides open, I closed the long sides and left one of the short sides open. It didn't bother me that much though, I was feeling quite comfortable and happy that I made the machine work. Hubby took the pictures Dsc05124 of me--he said he was going to start a blog so he needed some material, hahahah.

Although the sewing experience was successful, I suffered a minor accident. In trying to cut a little hole for the magnetic snaps into the fabric, I decided that my finger was good practice and I sliced it open with the scissors--no, there are no pictures of that as I am a complete and absolute chicken when it comes to blood, especially mine. I stood there, mortified, and screamed to hubby, "hurry, I need a band-aid" during the few seconds it Liner took him to run to the bathroom, all I could hear was "drum, drum, drummmmm", my face got really hot, my knees felt like they were about to fold over me, and my head--oh dear, my head was going around and around, I knew that if I moved even one step, I would probably fall down flat on my face ( The idea did occur to me that the finger would be a great blog picture though--blogger at work!) but my legs were not responding to my brain and I was not moving for anything. Finally, the seconds which to me seem hours, passed and hubby arrived with the band-aid....phoey, what an experience. I do not know how doctor's do it, I just see a bit and I go weak in the knees. Good thing I didn't soil the pretty pink yarn. Needless to say, the little accident has had an impact on my needle knitting. Today, I tried to pick up the needles, but my finger couldn't handle it. So back to looming I went....

Cablesbaguettecollection Back to the bag liners, since I did manage to make one of them right, even with a sore finger, I had to lined at least one of the cables baguettes. Aye, there are 3 now :). The original red, and two new ones: the purple with ribbon and the pink one. The pattern(s) are not available at this time, but I should have at least one of them available really soon.  C'mon I would love to hear your comments on them--remember, they were loom knitted, so be kind :).

Odessa KAL

On other news--the Odessa KAL deadline for the prizes has arrived. If you signed up and would like to be eligible to win a prize, email me at odessaKAL AT gmail DOT com by midnight on Friday MST. The drawing will be held this coming Saturday.


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Yikes! Becareful you! The bags turned out great! Good job :)


on a loom? really?
tirzah wants to make a sweater on her round one.
i am almost done with my odessa. rented a stupid movie to knit to.



Thank you for volunteering to knit a square(s). Could you please email me so I can email you my snail mail address? Thank you so much!


Look at you!! Sewing fiend! (Ick about the finger. I've done that several times in various settings. It happens so quickly.)


Your pink cable baguette is Easter Sunday sassy!
One of the first lessons for Family Childcare providers first aid is to always have a dark colored washcloth available for all those silly accidents involving bodily fluids. That way, no one sees any blood, and prevents any other accidents ;-)


Hey girl! You finally got yourself a sewing machine! I kept thinking about you on this because I have an extra sewing machine I would have given to you in a heartbeat if you lived in the same town. So, I so happy to see you got one.


They are all beautiful! I'm partial to red, so I think that one looks best.


If you'll drive down to SLC I'll fix your cuts. Blood doesn't faze me, but I hate other bodily fluids!!!

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