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Woosh--I am moved in!!

  • 5 Rolls of Viva Towels
  • 1 Mr. Clean Bottle
  • 1 Lysol Disinfectant Bottle
  • 1 Windex Bottle
  • 6 Mr. Clean Eraser pads
  • About 50 boxes of stuff (some worth keeping, some have me wondering!)
  • 2 weeks worth of energy spent in 3 days!

Results: Priceless=One humongous move from one little apartment to our new place.

Hoooray!!! It only took us about 3 days of moving stuff from one place to the other. Lots of cleaning was involved--my poor knees are feeling it from the kneeling down to scrub floors.

Well, I was going to share some pictures of the craft room, but--Bad news: It appears that the camera is nowhere to be found, hubby packed it, apparently in the same bag as the camcorder--the bag has the camcorder and the PDA, but no camera...hmmmm.  I spent the last hour looking through boxes and I cannot find it. Pictures of the craft room will come as soon as I find the elusive camera. Just picture a bright blue room for the moment.

Knitlitejpg Have you read the latest on knitting needles: Knit Lite--The new needles have glowing L.E.D. at the tips to make it possible to knit in the dark--think movie theater. They will be debuting down the knitting isles next month...price: about $20. Looks pretty fancy--I wonder what the other movie-goers would say about the flashing little tips....hmmm


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The packing of the boxes, and now the unpacking- the joys of moving... Those knitting needles are crazy! I am so excited about them because I totally buy in to dumb gadjets like that.


That is fantastic! I am so glad to hear you are all moved in. What a bummer that you lost your camera. It will show up soon. I bet you have a really cool craft room and I can't wait to see it. Oh, yes I did join the swap. Take it easy now and enjoy the new house!!


Yippie! You're all moved in. I agree with everyone else, time to sit down and relax. The boxes will be there tomorrow. And the next day. Do a little at a time and before you know it, you'll be all settled in.
Hey, about those light up needles. My LYS had a set out and some knitting going, so customers could try them. Those lights aren't for me. I started to get that car sick feeling after just a few stitches. But, they sure were cool! Just not for me!


Welcome home!

I hope those lights at the end aren't too bright. Nothing like a laser pointer flashing around in the movie theatre.

Lisa P

Yay you're all done. You know what that means right? Take out pizza and some Bacardi and Coke. It's what we always do when we move. :)

It's best to just take a rest, munch on some pizza, get a good buzz on and stare at the boxes that you will not open for at least three days. Makes the transition smoother in my opinion. :D *laugh*

Katherine Allred

Well, I guess that's just a good incentive to unpack faster, right?


Glad you are moved in! Try to rest a bit before you tackle the mountain of boxes! All that room, it must be wild going from room to room! Enjoy! :)


Way to go! Glad you are all moved in!! Take a a cookie. Oh, I haven't forgotten about that wager on exercise!!!


I know I'm late with this, but Crocs, the makers of the cute silicone clogs, makes gardening knee pads. I know this old body is going to need a set the next time I get to scrubbin' floors. I saw them at the Mall at a free-standing booth. ;-)

wendy g

Glad you are all moved in and have a craft room.


YEA!!! You made it! As long as you have the basics unpacked, take a break today. You deserve it!


Congrats! You must be thrilled (and tired).

I'll have to look into those needles for the shop. Thanks for the headsup.


Mary Ann

Now comes the good part, unpacking all those boxes.

I love the idea of the LED knitting needles.

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