Welcome home Matthew!!!
Lookie, Lookie

I have the knitting Blahs!

Dsc05288 It must be all the work I have to do around the house, whatever it is, the knitting blahs have come to visit me. Blahhhhhhh!!!!

No Knitting or Loom Knitting Content....Blahhhhh, BORING.KNITTER.AT.WORK.

Found something cool over at this blog--Smartpatterns software! I would like to give it a spin and see what is all about.

Send the good knitting vibes over to me.......FEEL.UNMOTIVATED.



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I'm sorta there with you...I'm already beyond my knitting withdrawals. I actually...eeek!....boxed up my looms & yarn. TEMPORARILY!! I've got 7 dance recitals plus 4 dress rehearsals these next 2 weeks. That's what happens with 4 daughters! And my little one will be having her Girl Scout Bridging next week...remember, me as the Leader means I'm in charge of this. I have to speak into a microphone in front of a crowd....shaking knees! On the "up" side, my jewelry making has taken off. It is already a profitable hobby, and I have found great satisfaction in completing a project in under 5 minutes! Well, when life settles down and summer vacation begins, I need to dust off my box in the basement and take the time for myself! Hugs!~~~~


I;ve had the knitting blahs for awhile now. if you get out, tell me your secret.


Pick a day, any day...send the kids to grammom and take a day to do what ever you want. Not what you "have" to do(ie laundry - it will still be there the next day, I promise)... but do what you WANT. Does that mean sitting on your couch in your jammies watching Judge Judy? Could it be going to the bookstore and flipping through books? Sitting in a hot bath until it goes cold? Just do it. Feed your soul. The mojo will return.


Gorgeous lace you have there girlie! Is it a scarf in the making? You are soooo talented!


I have the knitting blahs too. It's too hot here to think about knitting. I want to bum around at the pool! (only it's not quite hot enough for that, either)

Kathy N

You too? I hit a knitting slump about 3 weeks ago. Perhaps motivation is the key and Liz's comment is correct (trip to LYS). hmmmm....wonder if food will be that important this week....;-)


Uh-oh..sounds like it's time for a trip to...doo-do-dooooo...your LYS to let the yarn speak to you. Hurry - run, don't walk! We all look forward to seeing what you are working on :-)


Oh nooooooo! Not you too. I was counting on you to motivate me. It too nice outside and I just want to be out in it, even if it's to help my husband do yard work. I have been waiting so long for us to have nice weather and it is upon us!!


CRack.... no work... no food...mwah hahha.. The words of Capt. John Smith to the 'gentlemen' of the Jamestown colony.. (really I think he did do the evil laugh.. but it is unsubstantiated...)

I think that everyone is going through this right now.. it must be the weather the spring cleaning and all that!
I got one repeat done on the cables bag~~ Brian made me drive into the city.. rather than him driving and me knitting~~ ;(

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