Sick...cough, cough
Bobbles on a Knitting Loom

Knitty News...the Good...the Bad...and the Ugly..

The Good....

Knitting Looms in the classroom has hit the news! According to the article, loom knitting help students relax and achieve concentration while helping the community! The children are addicted to the craft and want to keep on knitting more and more to help their community. It is really neat to see that knitting looms are becoming a well known craft.

The Bad....

How badly do you love yarn? Would you be willing to give up a couple of years of your life for yarn? Would you be willing to do hours of community service for the love of yarn? I love yarn, I love yarn very much. I admit it, I have an addiction to all the different colors and the different textures, however, I can't imagine having $13,000 worth of yarn in my closet...that would be like having my own private yarn shop. As you probably read, 2 ladies decided that they wanted yarn really badly, so badly, that they had to steal it. For what purpose, it has not yet been revealed, but it is just crazy to take that much yarn. Read the whole tangled story 

The Ugly...

I am still sick, hehehe, and I am getting ugly black baggy circles under my eyes, hehehehe


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Ok I just have to say something about the stolen loom article you linked to.
What kind of idiot yarn shop owner do they have over there? Someone steals $13,000 worth of merchandise from them and she is still debating if she should press charges?????? If someone steals a single skein of yarn I can understand the dilemma, but $13,000!!!!! Come on, whats to debate. Press charges and make sure they don't steal from anyone else.

Off my soap box now.


Just like Step Throat before the holidays or snow during Spring Break, we should have seen a total system failure on the horizon after the Big Move. So sorry to hear you are still ailing. The experts tell us that if you take cold/flu meds, they last about 7-10 days. If you take nothing, colds last 7-10 days -- lot of help those experts are! Take one entire day to baby yourself, like you'd do Sam and the kids. You deserve it, and more importantly, you need it. Hang in there, hon ;)

Mary Ann

Poor Isela. Hope you feel better soon.


Squeeze some fresh lemon in hot water and sip that in the morning. I think it is good for colds. Or maybe it is to help you poop. Its good for something. And it kind of tastes good.

Hang in there my friend! Only a few more days to go and you can let yourself relax and heal.


Oh, Isela! Feel better soon, friend!

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