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Shorty Blues

Blueshorty_1I had to do it. It was driving me crazy. I went 3 weeks without picking up my needles, but Monday afternoon, I broke down. I needed a bit of a break from loom knitting. Although the looming deadline is upon me, I just couldn't keep going without getting some "me-knitting-time" in there. I found my escape in a pair of quick shorty socks, inspired by all the cute little shorty socks from KnitPastis.

Margene Shortybluesexpressed my sentiments on her latest post about socks...they are my escape to paradise!  I find that whenever I need to escape or to get a sense of fulfillment, I pick up my little needles and some gorgeous handyed yarn and a sense of relief quickly feels my knitting heart. 

The yarn called my name from the said, "knit me, knit me, I can bring you a sense of peace and fulfillment". As I knitted each tiny little stitch, I felt like a vase being filled with happiness. Happiness that now I can disperse around little by little.

Now, I can go back to my daily schedule loom knitting...looming deadline No. 1 is around the corner!

Shorty Blues Specs
Sunshine Yarns
Needles: 1.5 from Crystal Palace
Pattern: My own--hahaha, I feel so proud to say that!


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Ah, I look forward to the day that I can say I made my own pattern.

Good for you.


Oh my Gosh!You are too funny! Go over to the KAL and post these fabulous socks you knitted!! Go ahead... you knitted the same style and were inspired!! This is my favorite blue right now! You should have told me silly that you were aching to make them. I would have mailed you a ball of Cascade Fixations in a New York Minute! LOVE YA!


I know I've had socks on the brain, so I'm not surprised that they've cured your looming blues! ;)

Mary Ann

Aren't you clever! I never understood why the say you are "blue" when you are sad or depressed. i love blue. Those socks are an especially cheerful blue. Great job.


Cute and fun!


Very nice there! :)


Hey! Those look like my pink shorty socks.. that is if they were finished! hehe I keep getting distracted! And the thing I am working on now I am determined to get finished~work work work!


Footies like that are probably my favorites. VERY pretty! I like those blues.

Socks will cure what ails ya every time!

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