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Finally...the Estes Post

Wheel_1 I admit it, I am not a tech guru, but in my house, I am the one with all the electronics and gadgets but lately, I wish I had a friend who knew a lot about computers, especially handling wireless connections. My desktop doesn't handle my pictures very well, it kind of freezes for  a few seconds everytime I load a picture so I have resorted to loading all my pictures to the laptop and working from it. Everything was working well for a couple of days, and then BANG! my wireless doesn't connect, it shows me that I have a strong signal but it doesn't connect! Arggggh, it is driving me crazy. I don't know what I am doing wrong or what is going on. At the end, I resorted to restoring the computer to a previous date. Sigh....I knew I should have stuck with the computer's degree, now I am kicking myself...especially everytime I have to take the little monsters to the tech guy and he charges me $40 an hour just to look at the computers and tell me that he didn't find anything wrong with them. And the fact that my pictures don't show right away is because my pictures are just too big and the system takes a bit to generate the thumbnail----BS I tell you, it is all BS...I know my system, I know something is wrong...it is like when a mother knows that there is something wrong with their child! Alas...I am at the mercy of incompetent computer wanna-be-gurus...somebody help!

But, in the five minutes that my wireless is working, let's show you some overdue photos from our trip to Estes.

It was one of the best mini-vacations we have had in years. Both, Sam and I have been a bit burned out from all the work (the knitting looms, the house, the move, the cleaning, etc) the weekend away from everything was a good way to recoup some of our energy. It also allowed us to see how much we are looking forward to a different type of lifestyle....work changes are in our future that will help us have a more united, more family focused way of life. Right now, our energy is focus on the company and while it has been awesome to see it grow, it has taken a great toll on us (all of us--even the kids). Changes are coming and like always, changes are scary, but if we keep our eye on the future goal, we will be alright.

While at the market, they had a small Children's Tent that my eager-fiber-loving-son enjoyed to the fullest! Although he is small and most of the looms were too big for him to try out, it didn't stop him from sitting there and trying his hand at the different looms: the Inkle Loom and the Floor Loom. His little arms barely reached the shuttle and yet he tried. At the Inkle Loom station, he waited for over 10 minutes to try his hand at the loom--I got tired of waiting and suggested leaving but he insisted in waiting! I am amazed at his love for the fiber related hobbies. He believes in his heart that all Mom's knit and that when they are not cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, that they must be knitting! More than once, he has told me that when he grows up, he will clean the house so I can sit down and knit all day! Gotta love the little stinker!! He knows the way to warm up my heart!

Bryantandinkleloom_1  Bryantandloom_1

Little Nyah found her love too at Estes Park, her love was a bit on the fluffy side, but I understand her attraction--well, look at the handsome fellow. He has big floppy ears, big round reddish eyes, and a nice fluffly covering all over his body. I don't know about any other Mom, but me, I will definitely house this little guy...of course, separate rooms will be required and no snuggling during the night...no, I don't buy the "we will be asleep deal" hahahahah!


More cuddlely guys and gals we met in our family date

Sheepy the Buddy

Bryant informed me that when he grows up, he is going to get me some sheep to have in the backyard.

Bryantandsheep_1 Littlesheep_1

CuzcoTopia at Estes--The loving, gentle llamas. no touchy the heads, they don't like it. You can pet them all over the place except the head. Remember, no touchy the head!

Llama Llamas

And...the main reason for the vacation...the bloggy Friends! As soon as the doors to the market open, I saw a whirlwind that brought in a bunch of bloggers all of them scattering to the different fibery booths. Then, I saw lovely Mim and right away I gave her a huge hug...and it was like seeing my sister. It definitely made my day!  After chatting for a wee bit, we both went in search of fibery treasures!


My Estes Fibery Treasures--no, I didn't break the bank, don't worry. The smoke you saw during the weekend it didn't come from my credit cards, hehehehe. My very sensible purchases:


  • 2 Noni Bag patterns---they are beautiful bags
  • 1 Trekking skein of sock yarn
  • 2 handyed hanks of wool yarn
  • 1 pair of Crystal palace needles
  • Eucalan Wool Wash
  • 1 little oil bottle for my wheel

Things I saw that I wish I had bought:

  • 1 drum of navy blue wool with angelina
  • Handspun yarn with sparklies
  • Handyed yarn by a Mano
  • Lace weight yarn

Things I wish they had:

  • Handyed Sock yarn
  • Babysitting--hahahaha
  • More food booths, lol

Overall, the weekend was memorable. We are planning our next fiber getaway to NY...Rhinebeck here we come :).  Of course, the 2006 fiber trips are not over and I am already dreaming of 2007. The dream fiber getaway for 2007--The Sea Socks and Yarn Expedition Cruise...oh how wonderful it would be...it is great to dream.


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I love those Noni bags too!


Bryant looks like a natural at those looms! Your kids are so precious!


Hi, Have you tried right-clicking on your wireless icon on toolbar and clicking repair. I had the same problem. I have a Dell and I accidentally hit antenna shut off because it's near hibernate button. Go to settings, networks and just click on your wireless to see what the problem is. You can also repair from here. I spent an hour reinstalling my card drivers and my antenna was just off. I love your site. I just bought my first loom from you, the Wonderloom. Anxious to get it! Good luck with your computer!


Awwww, BABY fiber junkies! I love it!

Looks like you guys had a great time! Wish I could have gone!

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