A Little Sunshine
One Word...meme

Is that a plane? A rocket? Superman? No, no, it is an FO!


Dress1 The little Princess Sundress is finished!! I had so much fun knitting this little thing. It took less than 2 skeins of Misti Pima Cotton/Silk. Timewise, about 2 days to complete. Little Nyah loved it! She didn't want to take it off when it was time to put it away for the day. She cried "dresss, dress, dress", the girl has good taste...she wants to use it as her pj's...I guess I would too if I had a silk pajama dress, hehehehe.

The yarn feels luxurious to the touch, and the drape is very subtle. Although, I did see that if I hold Nyah in my arms, the dress wrinkles, but the wrinkles come out very quickly by just smoothing the dress down.

I really didn't know how to block this type of yarn...so I went with the steam method, Nyahsittingdown trying very carefully not to touch the yarn with the iron, then I just smoothed out any wrinkles it had.  I also sprayed the feather and fan area with water and pinned it down for a few hours to stretch the fans out.

Overall: The dress is a success. Little N is happy with it. I enjoyed working wth the yarn and I am thinking of making another one in pink!

I thought taking pictures of Nyah when she was 6 months old was hard...now, it if Mission Impossible! She wiggles, she runs, she squeals, she hides...she twirls around Dress2 when you tell her to model the dress and then when you think you have the perfect shot--she sits down on the floor and shows you her diaper, hahahaha, or she runs to the camera and says "Nyah, Nyah picture." It is hard to explain to a 1 year old that you can't really show her a picture of herself if she doesn't sit still to have one taken.

Last resort--I took my old camera out and told her that she needed to take a picture ofBryantandnyah_2  Mom, Dad, or Bryant. That kept her still for a few micro-seconds...enough to have a few shots taken! Little stinker!!!

But, look at the picture on the right---->>>you see that picture....check the left side, that is Bryant dancing...his head is on the floor and his legs are straight up!!! He is a riot!

In our five minutes of "Mommy and kids time" today, we had a little foot spa, courtesy of Aunty Becky. ToepamperingShe sent me a nice little gadget and lotion that smooths out all the rough spots on the feet (intended for me, but the kids want in the pampering too!). Well, the kids saw me putting the batteries in the gadget and they both rushed to my side, both of them taking their socks off without me asking! We all gathered around a little towel taking turns with the miracle foot gadget. Nyah just giggled every time I touched her with it and Bryant wanted to take it for a spin on his truck!!  Although they both enjoyed the little widget they thought receiving a foot massage with the lotion was the best thing ever...Nyah kept coming back for more...I think I gave her at least 7 foot massages today!!

We are off on a little mini-vacation, as you read this, we are probably driving out of Utah into Colorado for a little road trip that will take us to Estes Park Wool Festival, yippeee!!! (Yeah, I plan our  family vacations around Fiber Shows, hehehehe...Rhinebeck you are next on the list, hehehe!!) I am so looking forward to this trip...there will be a Utah-Colorado Bloggers Meet on Saturday, I can't wait to see all the gals from SLC's SnB...and of course get some yummy yarns!

Have a terrific weekend!!!


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What a beautiful dress!




Wow.. that's such a cute dress! I can't believe you knitted it so fast either. I'm looking forward to the Estes report.. I used to live in Colorado and keep thinking about how wonderful Estes + fiber must be!!

Pam K


Oh my gosh that dress & precious child is so adorable!
I see you'll be coming to NY for Rheinbeck Fiber Fest!! I hope to see you there. It's be wonderful to meet you.
I hope you travel to these shows to sell your gorgeous looms!
I love the craftmanship!
Keep on looming!


Absolutely precious!!!! (both daughter and dress)ren't children just awesome???


Now that is precious and so is your daughter! I can't wait to hear all about your trip and hope to see some photos too! xoxo


That dress is too cute! Have fun at the festival!


That is the cutest dress! Who can blame her for not wanting to take it off?


The dress is really cute! Have so much fun on your trip. There's nothing like looking at fibers!

Melissa Bailey

2 days to knit a sundress on needles??? Don't deny it anymore, you're a robot!!!

Just gorgeous! I stand in awe of your natural talent for knitting and design.


Peggy in Utah

Adorable! .....and the dress is too.




Isela, the dress is so sweet - and Nyah is just too cute!

Tracey Carsto

Isela the dress is fabulous. I'm so glad that the knitting fairy stayed around long enough for you to finish. Nyla is a cutie!!!!

Katherine Allred

Will you post the pattern? So pretty.


That is adorable, mama!! Smooches from us both.


WOW! That was really fast. The dress is so beautiful on your little one. She is a very lucky girl.


Absolutely wonderful!


Wonderful dress! I would want to sleep in it too :P


She looks alot older wearing that dress! It's beautiful Isela, you did a great job. I could see Dani wearing something like that. I am making Dani a new blanket on the needles. A chunky basketweave. I had alot of other ideas in my head but figured I can always make them later. I'm trying to replace the icky Mockcrochet that she has lol. I'm using simply soft in Rubine Red. She picked the color. In some light it looks RED in some Hot PINK red.. hard to describe. Anyway, I can't wait to see the pattern =) for this Princess Nyah Dress. Have a safe and great time in CO. ANd thank you for that sweet note, it made my day


Every princess should have a beautiful dress made by her mum. What a blessed little girl you have:D

You did a great job.
Oh, to be little again.


The dress is just the cutest thing ever! Fantastic job.

Linda P.

The dress is just gorgeous. I love the beautiful hem and of course, the precious model!


Wow...great dress. And you certainly are a speedy knitter! I love it!

Aunt Becky

I figured out how to view the whole picture. Click on the picture to open it up in a new window. Then right click on the picture and click on view. It will then refresh to the right size.
Not that hard and didn't take me all that long to figure it out, hehehe!

Aunt Becky

I love the dress! But I'm bummed because when I click on the picture to get a bigger picture, it is too big for my computer screen and I only get the top half of the picture. I'll have to play around so I can see the bottom of the dress. You did a great job on it. You never cease to amaze me with all you can do!
Glad you like your foot smoother thingy. My timing was good, eh? Now you can walk around all day at the wool festival with feet that are ready for the job!
love you guys!

Mary Ann

So cute! The dress and the daughter. Good job on the design.

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