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We interrupt your regular Saturday schedule to show you some precious things in my backyard.

I am not one with a green-thumb, but see what I have in my garden. I absolutely have no idea what type of flower this is, but it is beautiful! I have seen some gorgeous flowers in others blogs and always admired them, now I have some of my own to share! yay! I may become Isela of the Green Thumb Yet!! I have my heart set on Norma's Peonies (is that the plural for Peony?)...and I am getting brave enough to go to Home Depot and pick up some plants/seeds. Any idea what type of flower this is?


But wait, that is not all I have in my garden. My children came in excited about something pink/red that my daughter keeps calling "papple" but in reality is a strawberry! We found a red, succulent, plump jewel that we plucked away and Nyah put in her mouth, then decided against it and took it out and ran to give it to Dad, hahahaha.

Bryant on the other hand, he recognize the goodness right away and plucked a couple and proceeded to eat them...asking for more, but there are no more, the remaining jewels are still green.

We are so pleased with our little back yard...we keep finding little treasures all the time.

My question: do I need to do anything special to keep my precious little plants alive and producing fruit in the upcoming years? I may not have a green thumb, but I am willing to learn :)

Strawberries2  Strawberries


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Your strawberries look so plump! I just picked some strawberries off of my plant this morning but they aren't looking so good. I think they need more sun.


Yummy strawberries! I agree with those posted above that you have some type of lilly. I wonder which kind - the color is stunning and I love the petals on it. So pretty!

Katherine Allred

Homegrown strawberries are the best thing to eat in the whole universe. Seriously.


Mmmmm....Lucky you! I kill plants, so I will give you no input, but enjoy the strawberries!

Kansas A

I have one very similar to yours but my flower is a different colour and mine is a Tiger Lily so I'd say you were safe saying it's a lily. As for the strawberries, they look like everbearing strawberries, and I think it's the old saying "the more you pick them, the more they produce." I've had them in my garden for about 3 years, just keep them under control and they will be fine, my kids love picking them all summer long! Make all kinds of good stuff with them; freezer or regular jam, shortcake, throw them in yogurt, cereal, etc.


Try contacting the Extension Service in your county for advice on growing strawberries in your area. They are usually in the phonebook under the county listing in the government pages.


yup, I'd go with the Lily notion,


I was going to say it was some kind of lily too, but I have no idea if I'm right or what kind they are.

Strawberries...YUM! We had a whole garden when I was little, but unfortunately I don't have the green thumb/plant knowledge my mom does.


Strawberries. Yumm
Bad thing. They invade. Everywhere. If not careful, your whole backyard will be strawberry plants. I know, for experience growing up and the adventures of the 3 strawberry plants my dad Planted. Plus watch the kids around them, I've seen strawberries 'mold' even on the vine (you know how quickly they can turn indoors)


You have some beautiful lilies there my friend!


Strawberries are pretty low-maintenance once they've started, surprisingly enough. They will send out shoots of new little baby plants. The key is to cut most of those off, so the mother plant only makes maybe two babies for the next year. Otherwise, all the energy will go into spreading plants and not the berries.

As for your flower, it looks like some sort of Asiatic lily to me, but it's not one I am familiar with. Gorgeous, though, and I would like one like it!!!


How cool is that!! Great surprises coming up in the yard!! Those strawberries look very yummy and that is one beautiful flower, looks like the plant is going to be bursting with them!! Sorry no advice, black thumb here!! ;)

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