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De-Lurker Winner & Runagogo mileage

Just a big shout-out to everyone who de-lurked last week. I appreciated your comments! And now, we have our winner--I plugged in the number of comments received during last week (from Monday to Sunday at midnight) and the winning number went to....the Knitting Bandit.

She wins a skein of Yarn Pirate in Paris color--Thanks for delurking, please keep on de-lurking!


In knitting news, still chugging along on the Soysilk test knit. It is not much to see, just a big blob of stockinette. I'll show it to you when it is all assembled as right now it doesn't look like much.

Runagogo update: I have ellipticized 35.5 miles!! It so totally rocks! My pants are fitting a bit better and I have been able to exercise 45 minutes for 5 days straight. I have also set up a new goal: I would like to run a 5K this year. I know that if I keep my exercise routine of ellipticizing 45 minutes at least three times a week, I can work my body to the point where I can run a 5K. I will also be getting my recumbent bike back and that should allow me to change exercises at least twice a week. But as soon as Spring comes, I will be hitting the street and training for my 5K. Anyone else has plans for a 5K? This is the year where I will get my tush in gear.



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YAY!!! Way to go!!! I like your little turtle ticker bar... :-)


Way to go with the elliptical! Good luck with your 5k. You can do it! I've been sticking to my program pretty well, too, and have earned the right to work out in the imaginary Desert Retreat. Not as nice as the beach, but I'll get there! Love the yarn, too, even though I'm not a knitter. It's gorgeous!


Good luck on your running goal of a 5K. I so wish I had an elliptical so I could play too. Small children just doesn't go well with this cold weather and being outdoors.


Yay for you and your running efforts! Woohoo!


I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work.


Way to go on the milage. Good luck with the 5K...braver than I!


Meant to add, your own running achievement is awesome!! :D


That yarn is amazing!! How generous of you to part with it.
I followed your link from to Runagogo last week - I'm in, too! Only I'm doing it in kms and not miles: it is less, but I already walk an average of 3kms (2 miles) a day and won't include that into the tally. I have ellipticized 11 kms so far :)

knitting bandit

I am so excited about winning the gorgeous yarn!! That is so nice of you! I didn't even know I was de-lurking. Heck! I don't even know what it means to de-lurk! I have just discovered the prettiness of pink too! Never been a pink girl before--I had reddish hair when I was young. Pink clashed! Now as I get older, I get browner (with a few strands of grey) I can do pink and I like it! I'll love it on my feet! Thanks so much!


Go you! That is awesome that you're getting in such great shape! Keep up the good work! I hope by reading your blog, that inspiration can rub off on me LOL!


I would love to run, but it wreaks havoc on my knees. I got tripped by a boy in 8th grade and got a bad knee injury. One thing I would love is to get an elliptical or a good treadmill to work out on though because they don't put so much stress on my knees. Do you happen to know of an affordable one that still works good or maybe where I could get a great payment plan? I have belonged to a health club in the past where I could go on theirs, but after I changed jobs, it became inconvenient to go there. I dream of the day that I would look real pretty in a nice skirt or jeans!


Go you!! I went and joined a week or so ago after reading about it on your blog. I ran straight over there and had to come back later to finish reading your post.

I did the first rep of the first week of the Couch to 5k program. Someone posted a link on Runagogo to podcasts that follow it and it's so incredibly easy to follow. I had been dreading stop watches and trying to guess time and distance. This way you just plug in and listen.

35!! You're doing great! I'm a little slower but I started later. That's my excuse. ;)


Wow!!!! Great Job...you inspire me in so many ways, where do you find the time to do all that you do???? Keep up the workouts, I'll be checking back to see how you're doing.


oooh aaaah a 5k.. dunno.. a walk maybe but not a run
today I can start tracking how far I go on my eliptical.. DH brought home batteries for me! woo hoo


Wow, 35 miles, huh? Once I had a goal to run a 5K. And then, I realized I don't like running. Biking, though, I so miss living where it's nice and flat and I could just not drive my car!

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