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k1f&b loop on a loom & bloggiversary contest

Rusted Root is on its way! Needles arrived and I am a couple of inches into the pattern--almost 2 lace repeats and so far, I am loving it! Have any of you knitted this beauty of a top? I have a row of purl stitches running by the beginning of the sleeves--is that correct? I am using Cotton Fleece and I had to bump up to a size 8 needle to get gauge. My goal is to have this top done by April 14th--it is our 6th year wedding anniversary and I really would like to wear it on that special day.


In loomy related news--hmmmm, I have a little mini-clip showing how to achieve the k1f&b loop increase on a knitting loom.  I worked a needle knit swatch and a loom knitted swatch to see how they differed from each other. Needle knit friends, I would love to know your opinion about the two swatches, especially the loom knitted one (of course).

Bloggiversary Contests--are you ready? I have been officially blogging for 2 years! I can't believe it that I have kept the writing coming for that long--I know I am long winded but I didn't think anyone else would be interested in my life and my knits. Anyways, to celebrate my 2 year bloggiversary, we will host two contests--yep 2. One for each year I have been blogging.

1st Contest: This one is easy: anyone who drops a comment on any of my posts from today til April 14th will be entered to win.

Prize:  1 skein of Plain and Fancy  by Sheep & Wool Co. in a blue shade. 400 yards (4.5 oz)


2nd Contest: This one is a little bit more difficult but the rewards are a lot more. I have always wanted to have a mnemonic for the Kitchener Toe--if you can come up with a cool mnemonic/saying/rhyme so I can remember it your prize will be:

3 skeins of Noro Silk Garden #39.

Deadline: April 14th. Winner will be announced April 15 (or 16th)


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Pati :)

Congrats on the blogiversary!!! I've been lurking for a while and love your blog! I also love the color you picked for the rusted root... I might have to copy you, I hope that's ok!


Happy Blogiversary, Isela! I can't believe I'm posting this, but what the heck. It's kinda silly, but it's the best I could come up with for the Kitchner Stitch:

Forwards Franny knows how it's done.
She kicks off her shoes, then pulls them back on.
Backwards Betty loves to have fun.
She pulls off her shoes, then kicks them back on.


OMG! i am so excited i just found out my girlfriend in washington just bought me a copy of your Loom Knitting Primer!For my birthday. Its on it way to me right now WOO HOO! I am one happy camper!( doing the happy dance)


Hi Isela congrats on the blogaversary darl. I think you cook up some wonderful stuff even if you have too many pots on the fire. Anyway would like to enter your kitchener contest though i don't needle knit and have no idea how to do a kitchener toe but here goes: Kitch a toe on,
kitch a toe off,
end up with,
a nice pair of socks!


Thanks for this blog - I am a needle knitter who purchased a loom just after christmas - so I am really grateful to find your site and your videos. Great work. Thanks.


Congratulations on your blogiversary! I came over here from the Hogwarts-sock-swap out of mere curiosity, and was fascinated to find the knitting loom tutorial. Thanks for the great info!


Here is a link to She has a great way of remembering it.

Good luck


congratulations on 2 years! Lots of great suggestions above, sorry I don't have a better one, but please enter me in the draw for your first ball.

Andrea in Indy

I love the look of the Rusted Root, and the yarn you choose is really pretty. I have a thing for blues.
A Mnemonic for the kitchener stitch for me is to do it on the the purl side (inside) of the sock, it easier for me to see the stitches.


Oh Isela, this top is looking so nice in this cotton fleece yarn! This color is going to look so beautiful on you too! One of my favorite colors. I will have to remember to look back at this post and all your helpful comments from everyone is I decide to make this top.

Celeste Robichaux

Isela, Happy Anniversary all around! I am so very impressed in what you have accomplished in only two years. It has been about 18 months for me, but I kneel at your feet and worship! I got your book from Amazon and can't wait to try some of the patterns. The book is SO impressive! Everything is so clearly illustrated that even a newbie loomer could make any pattern in the book. Congratulations and don't ever stop...your new stitches and patterns feed my addiction!

Celeste in Cajun Country

(the other) sprite

Happy blogiversary! May the next two be as good as the first!


Hey Isela...I'd LOVE to win your contest! Pick Me!! : )

Happy anniversary to both events!! We have an event to celebrate on that weekend too...our oldest daughter will be 15 on the 15th!

Keep up the great're inspiring!


Happy Bloggiversary!

The best I can do is this.

The set up: - #1

get your soldiers lined row for row
in through the left, stay in place
to the back row now
in through the right, stay in place

The actual Kitchnering now - #2

in through the right, step out of place
in through the left, stay in place
to the back row now
in through the left step out of place
in through the right, stay in place

Repeat #2 till done.


I almost forgot !!! Happy Anniversary


Isela - I think that you are so-o-o very talented. I really do love all of your designs. My 2 favorite are the Nippertails Cap and the Inara scarf. I can't wait to finally get a chance to sit down, (uninterrupted) with my Loom Knitting Primer. Thanks so much for all you do to help us learn - your videos make it very easy to understand.


Congratulations on your 2nd blog anniversary and thank you for the contest!

Bobbi C

Hi Isela!!!!

Congrats on your 2nd Anniversary of Blogging!!
Thanks for all you helpful tips and patterns. When ever asks for help, I always send then yo see your video's!!!
I know I used them so much when I first started to loom too!!!

Thanks Again!!!


Happy Anniversary!!!! Wow, 2 years already? Where do you find the time. I love coming to your blog, you always have such interesting things going on. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves next.
Happy Easter!!!!


Congratulations, Isela!

For the contest, how about visualizing sweaters and pearls (jewelry and knits don't mix - it's one or the other!).

If your sweater (knit) is off, by all means wear your pearls (purl on). Take your pearls off - wear your sweater (and to reinforce the end, think of Vicky Howell's sign off - KNIT ON!

The Kitchener Anti-Snag Mnemonic:

Sweater OFF! Pearls ON.
Pearls OFF? Knit ON!

to remember row order:

Getting Dressed:
1. naked (sweater/knit OFF)
2. clothed (sweater/Knit ON)

right side: k comes before p (alpha order)
back side: p comes before k (reverse alpha order)

Looming Laura

I am commenting for the contest. That comment is "where'd you get the cotton/fleece yarn? "Is it as wonderful as it sounds?" I am putting my husband to the task of the Mnemonic....he's always coming up with things like that.
Thank you for the loom stitch video, I have great ideas for that as button holes for little bauble buttons.


Happy Bloggiversary! The new video is great, btw. Not sure where I'd use an increase like that but its good to know.

Dianne P Carroll

Happy Bloggiversary and it's so wonderful that your celebrating also celebrates us with these wonderful contests. I'm trying to think of a mnemonic for the Kitchener Toe stitch. The old grey cells aren't what they used to be so it will be a challenge. I loved the video as I do all of them and still don't know how you do everything and do it so well. You are an Enigma. You bring joy and knowledge to all. Love ya.


Keep up the great work Isela! Your videos help those who learn visually and are a great asset.

I hope you get to go visit your sisters.

Take Care,

Helen J.

Hi Isela

thank you for your truly inspiring insight and openness withn your blog. Happy Anniversary :)

Very clear clip, thanks

Love your Rusted Root and cant wait to see the finished article.

Huge hugs

Helen J.


Rusted Root looks like a fun knit! Like I need another one on my to-do list!

When I kitchener, I just chant Knit purl, Purl knit, Knit purl, Purl knit . . .


Sounds like two fun contests! I'll have to think about a mnenumic...


Happy Blogiversary to you! Yay! 2 years and blogging strong! I absolutely love this Rusted Root sweater and the color you chose is very pretty - I love blues!

You just inspired me to knit one of these:) I have been looking for the perfect pattern to use up some Debbie Bliss cotton in dk weight. I have 12 or so balls of this stuff that I think will work wonderfully:) Thanks Isela!


Congratulations on your wedding and blog anniversaries! I see our wedding dates aren't too far apart - I will be married 5 years this April 19th.


2 Kitchener sayings

Knit off what you must now purl on
Second verse same as the first, but now is reversed.
Purl off what you must now knit on.


Sew me up as you go along,
Knitting off then purling on.
Second row you start me in reverse
Purling off then knitting on.
A Kitchener's work is never done.


Happy Blogversary Isela! Look how much you've done in two years! Congrats on all your accomplishments :) I hope your newest accomplishment (rusted root) gets done in time, love the color, and happy anniversary! It's fun that the blog and your marriage are celebrating together :)


Happy Blogversary to you, Happy Blogversary to you, Happy Blogversary dear Isela, Happy Blogversary to you!!!


Now why wouldn't we be interested in your knits.... you are the queen of showing us how to do all kinds of things. Thanks for being you Isela!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

I wonna win! Come on pick me.... I am over here!

I love contest! Even if I don't win (but it would be nice to, so pick me!)


Dora Renee' Wilkerson


Ok, for the Kitchener stitch what about:

Fish Kicks Off
Fish Pushes On
Beetle Pushes off
Beetle Kicks On


Happy bloggiversary! I can't remember Kitchener and have to look it up every time.


Happy early Anniversary & Bloggiversary!! The top is going to be beautiful when finished. You always have such wonderful things on your blog! Thanks for all of the hard work you put into your posts and other websites...they are packed full of all sorts of fantastic loomy and knitting information. You've inspired me to learn how to knit with needles...and I'm slowly getting the hang of it...who knows maybe someday I'll create beautiful things too!


Thanks for all of your knitting loom tutorials! This is one stitch I thought I could never do on the loom, so I have avoided patterns with it. You are awesome:)


Typepad won't let me comment every time, so I hope it works this time! Happy Blogiversary!
I feel totally stupid because I don't even know what a kitchener toe is. :(

z's momma

That's a beautiful color for your top and happy aniversary!

As for a Kitchener mnemonic, I might try my hand at it since I can never remember how to do it myself (or not) ;-)


Well who can resist a contest?! That is a beautiful blue you're using for Rusted Root :)


That's a lovely blue for your rusted root!


Happy Anniversaries to you! I hope you finish the Rusted Root in time. The color is so pretty, and the pattern is very feminine.

Kitchener - I don't have a mnemonic, but below is how I remember.

After Setup (purl front, knit back, leave both)-
** Front needle is always Knit (drop), Purl (leave)
** Back needle is always Purl (drop), Knit (leave).

(I use an index card to remind me when I kitchener.)



Happy Blogiversary!!! I was going to type the whole song... but I'm too tired.

Erm... let me think about the other one. I just sing song it in my head.


Not really a Kit saying, but I found when I was doing alot of seed stitch lately instead of saying Knit Purl, Knit Purl over and over somehow I downgraded to simple Knee, Pee, Knee, Pee (go figure)

I usually just say Knit Purl, Purl Knit (where I get confused is at the very beginning and where I always have to look it up)

I don't know about the swatches. I don't tend to see holes when I use KFB and I suspect it's because of the tension I use on the next stitch over. Have you tried instead of ewrapping the peg, to purl it?


Happy Blog Day!

I know it's wrong, but it works for me... Kill, kill, pepsi, pepsi. /runs


Crud...tricky posting finger. Sorry.
Here's what I repeat to myself to help remember Kitchner:
The front is always KNIT, PURL OFF - The back is always PURL, KNIT Off


Congrats on two years blogging. I've been lurking for awhile....nothing like a contest to get me posting. What? Me shallow? Nay....


Loooove the color of your rusted root! How do you like the Cotton Fleece?

My kitchener saying is (and I'm not sure how clever it is, but...): knit off, purl on, purl off, knit on!


Happy 'versaries all around to you!!!

I will keep my fingers crossed that you get the sweater done! You've got over a week, of course you'll get it done!


Oh yeah, Happy Bloggiversary!! :)


Nice looking start to your sweater.


Happy anniversary! Your blog is so comprehensive for just two years. Great job!

I don't have a mnemonic for kitchener stitch, and I just worked for a while and couldn't come up with one. My way of remembering is just like Dave's. If I'm going through the stitch the "normal" way (i.e. knitting on the right side, purling on the wrong side), it comes off. Otherwise it stays on. I tried various versions of "front knit off, front purl stay, back purl off..." and just couldn't think of a good acronym for it all. Sorry!

The video is good. I understood it, even though I've never loom knitted before. The process makes sense. The only suggestion I'd have is to do your needle-knitted swatch in the same gauge as your loom, so that the swatches come out with similar-sized holes. As it is now, the loom-knitted swatch has larger-looking holes, so someone trying to decide between the two might choose the needles just because the increase and hole size looks better on that swatch.

Congrats again, and thanks for the contest!


Don't enter me in your contest -- thanks anyway! -- but here's how I remember grafting. There are two rules.
Rule 1: The yarn must go through every stitch twice, once as if to purl and once as if to knit. The first time it stays on, and the second time it comes off.
Rule 2: The stitch comes off when you go through it as it faces you. (If you're looking at the fabric on top, it's knit, so it comes off knit-wise. The fabric on the bottom is purl as it faces you, so it comes off purl-wise.)

Hope that helps!


Your Rusted Root is looking very pretty :) I've seen this pattern and I think it would look lovely on you, great color too.
I love your new loom conversion as well, can't wait to try it!

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