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Survival of the fittest....

TballThe cat is out of the bag! I let it slip that I am training for a small neighborhood triathlon, it is no ironman for sure, it is a no-pressure, non-competitive event among friends. But human nature stops me from being a complete slacker (and loser!) and showing up at the event and being dead last.

In trying the survival of the fittest technique, I have been diligently perfecting some techniques--like keeping my biking speed at 13mph...although a little faster wouldn't hurt, especially since half of the neighborhood gals bike at the 15-17mph range. The swimming has been a bit easier to perfect, I am no Michael Phelps (although we do share a last name), but I can definetely achieve the required 450 meters. Now the run is a completely different arena. I know I can survive the first two events: swim and bike but the run...I will probably cry during the entire 4mile run and arrive dead at the finish line or most likely Hubby will find me at the 1mile marker and carry me all the way to the finish line. I can already picture it...me, running Tball3_edited1 ragged, with my tongue hanging out and my cheeks bright red and hair sticking up one side and floppy on the other thanks to the bike helmet, knees raw from probably falling off the bike seat after climbing on it with a slick bathing suit...ahh, I shall be the picture of beauty....Hubby definitely won't be able to miss the roadkill laying by the side of the road.

An athlete I am not. I don't have the body for one...I am short and stubby but the past few weeks/months have been enjoyable trying out all different types of activities. Today, I even admitted to Hubby that if I had the money, I would hire someone to clean my house and cook for me just so I could spend more time at sporty pursuits. I am feeling ridiculous...maybe I am going through my midlife crisis....what do you think?

Pictures: My Wonderboy playing T-ball. He enjoys playing all sorts of sports and we are so glad that he is willing to try new things. At first he was reluctant of playing T-ball but after his first game, he was extremelly excited about going back and hitting the ball and catching the ball with his mitt.


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All right! Go for it! :)


I thought about Isela and her bike when I read this - http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/2007-06-28-iranian-bicycle-women_N.htm?csp=34. We (women) in the U.S. are fortunate to be able to hop on a bike and ride!


If wanting to hire someone to clean for you so you can do physical things is a mid-life crisis, then go for it! As for the triathlon, I too would be in your boat....biking & swimming okay, running..not so much!


How cool! I'd love to be in shape enough to do something like that - good luck!

Kathy N

I'm impressed! Last? So what! The people who notice that you came in last (IF you come in last) are the ones that are watching instead of participating.

I too dislike sports. Exercise is something I do because I need to...for health. I do admit, however, that I have more energy after a good workout.


Wow impressive! Seriously how do you find the time! ;)


I think that's wonderful!


Good for you grrl! And being short and stubby is no holdback for being an athlete (well, maybe a little for basketball, but don't forget Spud Web or Mugsy Bogues). We short people may not be the best sprinters, but all our compact muscles help us go distances. Plus, if you trip you won't fall as far!


Wow, a triathlon? You go girl. Once upon a time, Ryan and I talked about training for triathlons. And then the smart part of my brain said to the rest of my brain, "Kimmi, you don't swim. And you don't run. Maybe this is not for you."

Good luck, I think that's awesome!


You can do it Isela! Remember, so and steady wins the race.


Ah T-ball. My little RR is also playing T-ball this summer. He played last summer too. He loves it!


Good for you! The important thing is that you are trying, not what place you come in! I wish I had the courage to try something like that! I can walk pretty fast, but running, forget it! I'm one of those "short and stubby" types too, so running just doesn't work for me, LOL!

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