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Yarn, needles, and looms were put aside for a few days due to a nasty cold and a little rest was ahead of me to get me back to health. But, I am restless and I can't sit still for too long, so I asked my neighbor next door to show me how to create some little hairbows for my munchkin. The result: fabulous!

I took a trip to the local craft store and got a basketfull of shiny, colourful ribbons. I have made about 8 sets so far and I have enjoyed the new creative outlet. And they look great on my little munchkin--she tends to make anything look good ;).

Little Nyny found the perfect ribbon for her daily adventures: Dora the Explorer ribbon!


ps: I am planning on making a mini-video on how I made these ribbons for any other interested parties out there ;).


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oh yes, please tell us how you made them.. I know several little girls that would look cute with some ribbons like that.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

I have to say your munchinkin is particularly cute and I think a ratty old t-shirt would look cute on her. But, your hair bows are very fun too!


Haha, she's so girly. I love it!


Cute ribbons and even cuter model! :) DD hated anything in her hair!


Yay! I want to learn how! It will be awhile before Tianna has enough hair to keep ribbons in but I can't wait to see the tutorial! Those ribbons are beautiful!

Rebecca sweet! I remember when my girls were that age and we went through the 'bow-making' stage! Treasure these days.........


So cute! I wish my daughter would wear hair ribbons. She just takes them out.


NyNy is so adorable in her Momma made hair ribbons! Don't you just love making things for your kids?

I hope you feel better soon.



Those are too cute! You could definitely sell those!

Maria Tovar


Nyah looks beautiful.Everyday more and more. Those ribbons are sensational. I hope you feel better soon. We miss you.


Too cute...I'm interested in a mini-video. Now if my wee one would just grow more hair!


Ooooo! You gotta try curly ribbons, too. My SIL wraps a length of grosgrain ribbon on a chopstick or wooden dowel, then bakes them in the oven to set the curls. The are so cute in groups -- like a Christmas bow attached to a barrete.


Very nice ribbons! The look nice on your sweet baby girl:)

Hope you feel better soon!


I remember these barrettes we used to make in junior high they were the silver barrettes that have 2 bars on them and you wove or braided 2 colors of the thin ribbon around the bars and tied it at opposite end from the clip and they had long streamers of the same type ribbon that flowed down into your hair. I remember having a pink and white pair.

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