Getting to Know Me-Christmas Edition

What planet should I rule?

I am still working on the loom knitting book. I am exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally. My kiddos are driving me bananas and the never ending mountains of dirty laundry are getting to me. I wish I knew someone to come clean my house...someone whom I wouldn't feel guilty for seeing my mess and the terrible housewife that I have become the past few days. After the book stuff, I have to work on the LKC magazine, quick and fun. It should be up by Friday or Saturday the latest, but I am shooting for Friday.

On an upside note: I am so looking forward to my Mom's arrival. I am hoping that she can help me potty train little NyNy. Crossing fingers she has more patience than I do, hehehe.

Also: career-wise (if you call what I do a career): I have been asked by one of my publishers to come to the KnitOut in February! I am excited to go and share a bit on loom knitting. If you are near, come see me, I'll be the one with the looms :).

And now, the little fun quiz on what planet I should rule:

You Should Rule Mercury
Close to sun, Mercury has very long days - and is rarely visible to the rest of the solar system.

You are perfect to rule Mercury, because you live for the present - and can truly enjoy a day that goes on forever.
Like Mercury, you are quick and elusive. Your wit is outstanding, and you can win any verbal sparring match.

Some people see you as superficial, but in truth, you just play many roles and have many interests.
A great manipulator, you usually get what you want from people. And they're happy to give it to you.


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Robin McCoy

Isela, I am sorry that I can't purchase your cables book, but I will if we ever get the money! Promise! I am having problems getting my cables to turn out like yours, so I need the book.
As for potty training, I thought I might offer what worked for my son. I call it the 'Nakey Technique' b/c I let him run around naked all day, diaper at night. The first day we had 2 teetee accidents and a poop accident. The next day, just a teetee accident. The third, fourth and fifth day, no accidents. But the sixth day we had a teetee accident. I did the naked thing for two weeks before I started putting undies on him. He still had about 3 accidents a week for a month or so, but he is fully potty trained now (he will be 3 at the end of January, last day actually, and has been trained for about 5 months.) We rarely had any night time problems, but that could be a fluke. I just thought that might help. I know that different things work for different people but I got a lot of positive feedback from it when I have suggested to others. :D

Jeannette Pirkle

Isela, you certainly can call this a career. You have become an accomplished author and a reference for all loom knitters. You are our inspiration. And all that while raising two small children and keeping up the household chores. The saying is:
'Oh, cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
But children grow up, as I've learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down, cobwebs.
Dust, go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby.
Babies don't keep.'
Now with my empty nest I can truely appreciate this poem. I was always very busy also, running here, volunteering at every school,every event.They are memories I will cherish all my days. Seems funny but you will not fret over the laundry soon. I always had a heap on a chair or couch or bed. It eventually got put up somehow.It is a badge to wear proudly that you live your days to the fullest for your children.


Hi Isela,

I understand exactly how you feel. Between my two kids, a full-time job, grad school, and my husband working nights (and being too tired when he's home to help with the kids), I can definitely relate to what you're going through. I know what you mean about the cleaning too. Most days I wish I had powers like Samantha on the old Bewitched show, where she could just wiggle her nose, and her house would be spotless in an instant. No such luck though, LOL! Hang in there - it'll all be worthwhile when your book is published. Congrats on being invited to the Knit Out!

Kathy N

Hang in there. Almost done! Just in time for Christmas. ;-)


(Hand held high) I've been offering... 'I'll show you my messy if you show me your messy' Tomorrow is short day at school; could maybe be there by 2 or 3 pm... Hmmm? You know you want to... ;D

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